The Giving Game is completely Free of Charge. You will find all the tools you will need to transform your life by listening to The Feel Better Program and applying what you learn each day. It’s simple, but the trick is to be consistent. So the next step is to sign up for the 60 day eCourse (it’s also FREE – and can be read online each day if you prefer!)  This combination helps you stay on track and as you apply what you learn each day you will create new neural pathways (new mental habits) in your (more…)

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The Game: A Novel

The Game: Nothing is as it seems is a brand new fantasy adventure novel for teens and adults that will help you understand The Giving Game on a whole new level!

What if Earth is actually a virtual reality game? What if you are born into the program, your body is your avatar, and your feelings run the binary code?

Find the book trailer, samples from the audiobook and novel, and sign up for the FREE Unabridged Serialized Novel and Audiobook!

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Audios + Triad Wave

How you feel is an invisible force that shapes your life experience. The Feel Better Program provides powerful tools that will enable you to feel better right away — regardless of what you are experiencing when you begin the process.  Why is this program so powerful? Listening is the easiest way to consistently ‘remind’ yourself to apply the simple concepts in the program to your own life. By listening each and every day you are creating and strengthening new neural pathways (more…)

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