Birthcard Astrology: The 3s

playing cards - 3clubs3 of Clubs

“The Writer’s Card”

The creativity in this card can manifest in many ways. On the high side, these people can be highly successful writers, teachers or performers. On the low side, they can worry and spend their time on frivolous activities and never reach their full potential. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how they use their God-given gifts and abilities.

The Three of Clubs is gifted but their fear of poverty may entice them into using their creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, they seldom get away with it. They make great sales people and propagandists but they are ineffective until they decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it.

They are sure to have emotional losses, many of which are destined. If they see them as “completions” that lead them to a higher level, they avoid disappointment. If they use their inheritance of spiritual knowledge, much success can be realized. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 3 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 3clubs3 of Diamonds

“Financial Creativity Card”

The Three of Diamonds is considered one of the more difficult of the life paths of all the cards, especially when the Three of Diamonds is a woman. Indecision in values along with past life karma (Six of Hearts Karma Card) in relationships cause many challenges in the affectional life.

A natural interest in metaphysics should be cultivated if they are to know more peace in their lives and overcome the many hurdles and temptations. They always know what is right and wrong, though sometimes they try to ignore what they know. They have more satisfaction in business where they can travel or do various different things.

There is usually someone younger for whom they must make sacrifices for, often one of their children. With three nines in their Life Path, their later life can be disappointing, UNLESS they have developed their spiritual side, which will give them peace and solace and wisdom. These people are here to try many “things” on for size and then to settle on the truth. They are very creative. Some of them discover a divine mission and follow a lofty path where their innate creativity serves a higher purpose where they find peace and contentment. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 3 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 3h3 of Hearts

“Variety In Love Card”

The Three of Hearts is the first card in the Mundane Spread of cards and represents the departure of Man anzd Woman from the Garden of Eden. In search for what and who they love, they can often become confused and dissatisfied, even when they find the perfect love standing in front of them.

Of the threes, all of whom demand the freedom to explore possibilities, the Three of Hearts can become the most confused and bewildered mentally and emotionally. Either they are very fickle in love or the one they love is fickle. They are quite psychic, hard workers and have success whenever they apply themselves. They need a certain amount of change or travel in their vocation to be happy.

They are very charming and attractive people and have no trouble attracting others to love. The challenge comes once they find someone. They are here to learn to make decisions about love and money and to learn the value of higher knowledge. Once they do, they find great fulfillment in giving love and truth. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 3 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 3s3 of Spades

“The Artist Card”

The Three of Spades have the opportunity for success in their life if they are willing to work for it. They have a heavier load than most, indicated by their position in the Saturn line. But if they work hard, they will receive the Jupiterian blessings from their column position. The Six of Diamonds Karma Card tells us that there is a karmic debt to pay and often they are associated with Six of Diamonds persons.

The Three in Spades means indecision about work or health and they should watch their health carefully and stick to sound medical practices and advice. The more they worry about their health, often the worse their condition gets so they have a responsibility to watch their thoughts and feelings as they relate to health matters. Having the Queen of Spades with the Ten of Diamonds (underlying influence) in Jupiter gives them the opportunity for great business success through mastery of their values and business lives. However, with the Jack of Clubs in their Saturn position, they will always meet with some disappointment if they stray from honesty. Only the straight path will bring them the success they want. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 3 Personality Type.)

More About The Threes

Many threes are never satisfied with what they have, and this is especially true in their personal relationships. It is not a quality to be faulted or looked upon as a bad thing. It is just the way it is. All of us at one time or another will experience what it is like to be a Three person by having those cards show up in one of our Yearly Spreads. We may have a 3 of Hearts Long Range Card in one particular year and experience a great deal of variety or indecision about our romantic life. We may have a 3 of Diamonds Pluto Card another year and be challenged to transform our worries about money into positive, money-making ideas that we can implement for greater financial success. But for the Three person, this quality of leaving is basically a way of life that they must come to terms with at some point during their life if they are to have peace and contentment.

Peace and contentment are challenges for all the odd numbered Birth Cards. The odd numbers always represent an imbalance which is seeking balance through the creation of something else. These odd numbers are essentially masculine in nature – creative and always in motion. Whether a Three person is male or female, they will exhibit this creative drive that seeks expression. Their peace will only come through some form of action or accomplishment on the material level which will ultimately lead them back to themselves. For the Three, the urge is for self-expression and variety. They are generators of ideas, thoughts and feelings and must find a suitable outlet lest they suffer the consequence of worry and indecision.

Like Gemini sun sign people, Threes are versatile, and often quite talkative. They can relate to many different kinds of people, cultures and concepts because they are flexible. They are also quite resourceful and can come up with solutions to almost any problem that confronts them. If you need a good idea, talk to a Three. They usually have drawers full of ideas, some of which they are working on, but a multitude which they will never have the time or energy to start working on, much less complete. Art, music and writing are excellent outlets for a Three’s abundant creativity. Many of them become successful in one or more of these fields and all of them need at least one of these outlets if they are to realize their birthright and achieve inner satisfaction. Many of them have several projects or jobs going at the same time. This gives them the variety they crave. When they start to get bored with one of the projects they are working on, they can switch to a second or third and keep going. This happens to be one of the successful strategies for Threes. Otherwise, many of them go from one job to another and never complete anything, which ultimately makes them depressed and miserable. They need to see at least some of their ideas come to fruition.

Threes love romance – both in creativity and in self-expression, along with love affairs. It stands to reason that those with the greatest creative gifts would also have the strongest needs for romantic involvement and sexual pleasure. Add to this the Three’s natural curiosity and desire for new experiences and variety and you can see why many Threes make great lovers but not-so-great marriage partners. They are just as likely to get bored in their relationships as they are with one of their current creative projects. They may feel like having a new affair to remedy the situation, and then jump back into your arms again when that gets boring. Though this may be a slight exaggeration, this is a common concern for Three people.

Another thing that can contribute to Threes’ infidelity is their worrisome nature. Most of them, but especially the 3 of Clubs and 3 of Diamonds, are worried about not having enough (love, money, good health, etc.). Though this usually manifests as worry about finances, it can spill over into their romantic lives too. The Three person might reason that if they have two or three lovers available to them, they will have less chance of running out of love when they need it. This can also explain why they might shy away from commitment and long-term relationships.

If you put all of these ingredients together, you can see why Threes can be very complicated people with a great potential for either happiness or unhappiness. The happiest are those who have found a place where they can express their creativity and get well paid for it. They are recognized for their ideas and ability to communicate them. Many of them will make a real impact on the world with their creative gifts and we will admire them for their contributions.


Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.