Birthcard Astrology: The 5s

playing cards - 5clubs5 of Clubs

“The Quest for Truth Card”

Five of Clubs means changes and restlessness of the mind and we find these people to have a lot of curiosity and restlessness in their lives. Their Five of Hearts Karma Card tells us that they also have many changes in their romantic life as well and for this reason they are not usually well suited for marriage. They have the Ace of Spades in Venus and that speaks of secret love affairs and indecision about which to choose.

Their Seven of Diamonds in Jupiter is a millionaire’s card and many of them have lots of money, though they often spend it as fast as they get it. Speculation & gambling should be avoided. Their natural curiosity brings them much knowledge, but they often do not apply it or stick to one train of thought. This tends to make them skeptics, not even getting satisfaction from their own self- created belief structures. An interest in spiritual studies brings more satisfaction in their later years and provides answers that bring more peace to their lives. A spiritual teacher is helpful in this regard. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 5 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 5d5 of Diamonds

“The Seeker of Worth Card”

This card has its share of challenges and its share of gifts. Like all fives, they dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit their freedom. They can be perpetual wanderers, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes their work and relationships. All 5 have an inner restlessness, but they truly want to accomplish something of value and stability in their lives.

They are inherently spiritual and know what is of true value. The challenge comes in practicing what they know. They come into this life with a certain amount of karma which often takes considerable hard work to discharge. If they are lazy, there will be many problems. They must practice what they know and do what it takes to get the job done without shirking responsibility. They make great sales people and they have tried many things in life and know how to relate to anyone on their own level. Their inner truth is their guiding light. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 5 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 5h5 of Hearts

“The Emotional Adventurer”

All fives need to settle down and the Five of Hearts is no exception. Their unsettledness also extends to finances because of the Four of Diamonds underlying. The Five of Hearts wants to experience all that love and money has to offer but often fail to find it because they never concentrate on one person or job long enough to get the rewards of sustained effort. Is it any surprise that the basic meaning of this card is “change in affections” and “divorce”?

These people invariably meet many people, have many “friends” but few ever get close to them. They have the ability to make as much money as they want, if they would apply the power of their Four of Diamonds and stick to one thing. But that involves losing out on all the other possibilities of life and only few make that sacrifice. Their lives are enhanced by the study of spiritual knowledge in any form. It provides answers and blessings. They can become great teachers. They usually find more satisfaction in relationships that are non-committed and open. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 5 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 5s5 of Spades

“The Wanderer Card”

The five of Spades is the card of changes and travel. These people like to travel and have a certain amount of restlessness and dislike routine. However, their restlessness often applies to their spiritual quest, their striving for truth and growth of the inner self. With the Jack of Hearts in Mercury there is a certain amount of sacrifice for loved ones in their lives or for an education, especially in early life.

The Ten of Hearts Karma Card gives them much in the way of social success though the Nine of Clubs (Venus Card) speaks of many personal disappointments, especially from friends and loved ones. There may have trouble at work with coworkers and other elements that require much effort to overcome. They find the most success working with partners and in occupations that allow them travel and meeting new people. One of their challenges is to find success in their business transactions. They don’t always make the best deals for themselves. Money often comes in association with love or marriage.

Five is one of the most important of all the numbers because it is what many call ‘the number of man.’ Five, more than any other number, symbolizes our race and the characteristics of those of us living here on Earth.

Five is the number of adventure and of seeking new experiences in the realm of duality. The Five constantly seeks to expand itself and to discover what else lies beyond the security of home. We, as a race of beings, have a dominant theme of constantly exploring different experiences and forms of personal expression. We are constantly in motion. Each generation seeks to improve on their parents’ generation. Improvement and progress are words dear to the heart of our planet, but especially to Five people. It is interesting to conceive of a planet of beings with a different number as their base. What about a planet of Fours, whose main concern was security? Though your Birth Card may be a Four or a Two, you exhibit many Five characteristics just by the virtue of being a human.

Since we are all Fives on one level already, what happens when you are also a Five Birth Card? Now, we have a more or less exaggerated version of the Five energy. In many cases, Five Birth Cards exhibit such an extreme example of the quest for new experiences that it is difficult for those around them to understand their motives. Fives will often take great risks and endure hardships, all in the name of adventure. Whatever they are doing in their life, regardless of what their motivations may seem to be, their true motivation is that of gathering new experiences, ideas, relationships and value systems. They are explorers with an insatiable thirst to find out what lies beyond the horizon.

In general, Fives do better with occupations that afford travel and variety. Travel brings opportunities to meet new people and be exposed to entirely new situations and customs, which all Fives love and appreciate. Even if they are in one job for a while, they will be progressive and try to take it into new directions. Sales in one form or another seems to be a common Five occupation. There is something about their desire to understand and experience everything that makes them great salespeople. They seem to be able to relate to almost everyone on their own level, making them feel at ease and understood. These are some of the most important ingredients of a successful salesperson. Sales also fits them because it usually affords them the freedom to create their own schedule.

Along with being a Five comes a great deal of discontentedness and restlessness. Unlike other cards, even the odd-numbered ones, these people will often just get up and leave or move to a new location when a restless urge overtakes them. Though they vary from person to person, many of them are like the proverbial ‘Wandering Jew’ and often they feel as though they have no real home. Home is the domain of the Four, remember, and the Five is the number which evolved out of the Four. For them to seek security would be like going backwards in one’s evolution. The Five is the one always seeking to leave the comfort and security of the known. To a Five, settling down into a normal home life can seem like a prison. Freedom is the most important word in their vocabulary. If anything seems to hamper their freedom, they will usually rebel or simply leave. Commitments in personal relationships may also seem to hamper their freedom as well, and this is why Fives as a group are some of the least marriageable of all the cards. They may actually live with a person for a number of years without any formal commitments or contracts. Some of them do get married, of course, but the usual expression of the Five always leaves some options open. The people that they are most attracted to are usually the other cards that dislike commitments as well, such as Threes, the Queen of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds, for example. The question for a Five in relationship may be, ‘Can one person truly satisfy my need for a well-rounded experience in the love department?’ More often than not the answer is no.

For a Five to be happy, they must fully accept who they are. To go from one job, relationship or living situation to another, over and over again, is not what our society considers especially honorable. It often leaves one feeling insecure as well, because no one thing was pursued long enough to make a success of it. This can create an inner conflict with the Five person, many of whom also have urges for financial or romantic security. These urges conflict directly with Five energy and thus we find that many of them are constantly in conflict within. The happiest Fives are those who claim their birthright and understand that this world is nothing more than something for them to explore. Nothing is as important as what they are learning and getting from their experiences. Five in its highest expression is the number of wisdom. Wisdom only comes through direct experience and if we talk to a Five, we are talking to someone who has ‘been there, done that.’


Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.