Birthcard Astrology: The 6s

playing cards - 6clubs6 of Clubs

“The Missionary Card”

This card is also known as the psychic card and it is surprising to see how few of the people of these birth dates are aware of their gift. The Six of Clubs means responsibility to truth. These people must learn to find a system of truth that they can believe in and live their life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good these people can do in the world.

Those who have not yet found their path can be the biggest worriers and procrastinators of all the cards in the deck. They have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in their lives. They often attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over their lives. Love is important to them. The women make good wives and mothers while the men are often dominated by a woman. Once they tap into their hidden reserves and their natural intuition is recognized, they find their lives guided and protected from the highest sources possible. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 6 Personality Type.) 

playing cards - 6d6 of Diamonds

“The Financial Responsibility Card”

The number six implies responsibility and diamonds relates to finances. Six of Diamonds people are keenly aware of debts and their repayment. Like all sixes they receive exactly what they put out. They may fall into slumps as a result of their inertia so they need to remember to prod themselves into action. Once they get going, they can attain most anything they desire.

There is protection in work and action. On a deeper level, the Six of Diamonds is here to settle karmic debts from past lives. Finances can go from one extreme to the other in this process. If they accept what they inwardly know, they will always be happy whatever the circumstances in their life. If they have discovered their special mission in life, they will not worry about how much money they have. These people make great teachers. They are givers and can be entrusted with great responsibility. What they have to give is a clear knowledge of values and discrimination. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 6 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 6h6 of Hearts

“The Peace-Maker Card”

This is a card of harmony and stability in love and family. The Six of Hearts person is aware of the “law of love” and apply themselves to maintain stability in relationships. This stability can make for a satisfying life or one of monotony and boredom. It all depends upon how it is handled by the individual. They are somewhat fixed and dislike changes. Sometimes this can keep them in a relationship longer than necessary as they sort out their intentions and motives.

They are usually successful and can apply their great mental power to most any area with success, in spite of occasional fears about not having enough. They are here to settle karmic love debts, to forgive and forget and they can rise to the heights of spiritual awareness by their actions. They never get away with injuries to others and are well aware of that. As the card for Christmas, their lives are intended to be that of plenty and giving. It is here that they find happiness. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 6 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 6s6 of Spades

“The Card of Fate”

This is a powerful card, and the card of a person who is here to learn the responsibility of such power. These people either align themselves to a higher purpose and vision and achieve great success, or have their power turned against them for their own downfall. As a rule, these people are very responsible for their actions but a strong Neptune influence can lead many of them down the road of escapism and time lost in fantasy. They are dreamers to be sure. They must latch on to the highest dream they can and use their power to attain it.

Nothing can stop them once this vision is clear. Fulfillment on every level is guaranteed. They must watch a tendency to fall into a comfortable rut. They can also be very stubborn. Through the acquisition of knowledge they find great fulfillment, life purpose, direction, and many good friends. Some of their greatest challenges come in the area of love and romance. Their own indecision works against them.

More About the 6 Personality Type

One of the symbols for the sign of Libra is the Scales of Justice, symbolizing that all things must ultimately be brought into balance. This symbol is another way of representing the ageless Law of Karma, the law of cause and effect that governs everything that happens in this world that we know. It is karma and the law that all Sixes are very familiar with. They are all aware of this law on some level and find various ways to integrate it within the fabric of their lives. Some are excessively aware of it, being overly cautious never to do or say anything that will upset the karmic balance in their lives. Many of them are concerned about ever having any debts to anyone that must later be repaid. They will go out of their way to avoid incurring any debts for just this reason. Others are aware of the law, but feel hampered and constricted by it to the point that they try and slip through life without having to pay their way. These are the ones who are irresponsible and continually meet up with problems when they try to get something for nothing, or when they expect others to take care of them. But in both extremes, and in all the various stages in between, all Six people are conscious on some level of the Law of Karma. That is their birth number and it will remain with them until they pass from this life to the next.

Sixes know about destiny and fate. Theirs is the number of fate. They sense that much of their life is destined because of their actions from lives past. They often wonder about what sorts of things, both good and bad, will come to them through the inevitable Law of Karma. They can be guilty of just waiting around for things to happen and it is known that all of them get into a rut every now and again. Some of them sense that terrible things may be in store for them in the future and they dread the prospect. Others sense that something good is coming, such as a windfall of money, for some good deeds they performed in past lives. It is surprising how many 64 play the lottery, for example. Fate does come to the Six, but often after long periods of waiting. Their lives seem to go a certain way for a long time and then finally change to a new condition. This long time can be up or down, financially, relationship-wise, or otherwise. In many cases, they must prod themselves out of their complacency to get themselves motivated to make the next step. Attempts to change them usually meet with failure. A Six person will budge only when they are ready.

Six is symbolized by the Star of David, the two, interlocking triangles, one pointing up, the other down. This symbolizes balance and peace. Sixes are definitely peace makers of a sort. They love peace and harmony and will go out of their way to promote it. But also like Librans, Sixes can be guilty of not accepting the aggressiveness and other emotional qualities that life often contains. They may try to avoid their own feelings and situations of conflict because that would upset their peace and balance. When this drive for peace becomes an escape from reality, it inevitably backfires and their own naturally aggressive side comes out for all to see. The Six person can be the one who ignores their own anger until it builds up and blows off like a volcano.

At heart, Sixes are fairly competitive, which seems like a paradox because of how much they like peace. It is interesting to note how many successful athletes are Sixes. Because of their balanced nature, when their competitors press on them, they press back with equal force. This is a key to their success in sports and in business, where they often excel. They have a sense of fairness and competition that can bring them success in the eyes of the world. Though we may think of the Sixes as being the most docile and quiet, they can be the most aggressive and competitive when they are stirred up.

Sixes are known to be some of the most psychic cards in the deck. Perhaps this is because they do achieve enough peace in their life that they are in a better position to hear ‘the voice within.’ Many Six people become professional psychics, and all will admit to receiving impressions from time to time. Many people who are Sixes have come to fulfill a special and unique purpose during the course of their life that will involve becoming a signpost to others of a better way of life. John the Baptist is a classic example. Though he himself was not Jesus, the son of God, he cleared the way for the coming of Jesus and led people to him. So it is with many of the Sixes. Some will become famous spiritual leaders and teachers, while others will practice their uplifting of souls among the members of their family or co-workers. It is those Sixes that listen to their inner voice who realize that they are here to bring others to the light. They find that their life has much more meaning than just getting by day-to-day and fulfilling their personal desires and ambitions.


Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.