Birthcard Astrology: The 7s

playing cards - 7clubs7 of Clubs

“The Spiritual Knowledge Card”

All sevens are highly spiritual cards but it is up to the individual to manifest this spirituality and to turn negativity into accomplishment. The Seven of Clubs challenge rests in the negative aspects of the mind which are worry, doubt and pessimism. They have much inherent inspiration and insight, but when they don’t follow it, Saturn’s influence brings much despair and sometimes depression.

They have power to overcome their problems and to attain the fame and recognition they secretly desire, but they must apply themselves diligently. They are likely to have large sums of money at different times in their life, but often they spend it as fast as they get it. All their difficulties in life can be traced directly to their thoughts. So the Seven of Clubs, more than any other card, has a great responsibility to maintain positive, healing thoughts. Any contact with spiritual thought or ideals is sure to have a positive effect on them and is highly recommended. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 7 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 7d7 of Diamonds

“The Card of Spiritual Values”

By suit, the Seven of Diamonds is always connected with finances. As a spiritual number, they must maintain a non-attached attitude about money or there will be continuous problems in this area. Once they put money in its proper place however, they often attain or inherit great wealth. Regardless, many of their life lessons will come through this avenue. The other avenue is their close relationships.

Family, lovers and friends are all very important to the Seven of Diamonds person. They have close ties, for better or worse, with their family and share in their trials. They are usually restless, making frequent changes in either occupation or location. Their love life usually entails sacrifice and disappointment until they learn to let others go and be as they are. In their spiritual studies they find inner satisfaction and validation for their own intuition. Once on the path, everything in their life is put into proper perspective and they can excel in any chosen field. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 7 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 7h7 of Hearts

“The Spiritual Love Card”

The Seven of Hearts has a quest for the truth about love and relationships. They are old souls who have come here to reach the highest in these areas, “or else”. With two nines in their Life Path, they have come to complete a grand cycle in their soul’s work and to let go of many things so that they may progress to the next level.

These people must learn to let go of all personal attachments and give to others without expectation of return or reward. On the low side, these people can be preoccupied with many suspicions and jealousies, which is but a reflection of their own nature. On the high side, we find those who make great personal sacrifices for others and who give much to the world. All must find some way to give to the world to attain peace and satisfaction. This usually manifests as teaching or consulting. Anyone born as a seven or nine must learn to give and let go or suffer great pain and disappointment. The Seven of Hearts are the givers of knowledge and love and can reach the highest. (Scroll Down for More Information about the 7 Personality Type.)

playing cards - 7s7 of Spades

“The Faith Card”

This card is regarded as one of the most spiritual in the deck and these people can have great success in their life as long as they do not disregard the wisdom that is intended to guide them through life. These people are here to learn to TRUST and keep going in spite of circumstances. Their main challenges will come in the areas of work and health.

The underlying King of Diamonds mandates that they must live the higher values they know if they are to have the blessings and power that is inherently available to them. Being the Seven of Spades puts them on the line. They must think, speak and act from a higher perspective or suffer innumerable ills. They are protected by a high, spiritual force but even this is not as powerful as their own actions and attitudes. They must live what they know and follow their intuitive guidance. Many marry into money or receive support from associations. They can always do well if they work hard and maintain honesty. Nothing can stop them but themselves.

More About the Sevens

Seven is the first of what I call the spiritual numbers, Nine being the other. Seven in some ways is the most significant. If we take all the cards from one suit of the deck and lay them out from the Ace to the King from left to right, the Seven will fall in the exact center. There are seven visible planets, seven days of the week, seven chakras in the body, and seven seals mentioned in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. The number Seven has great significance in the calculations used to create the Yearly Spreads and in other calculations involving esoteric mathematics and geometry. It has always been regarded as an important spiritual symbol and is found used in many religions and cultures.

As another of the odd numbers, Seven represents a state of imbalance and a movement away from stasis and balance. In this case, the movement is away from the stability of the Six. Because the Six can represent that state of receiving instructions and directions from a higher source, the Seven represents a stepping off from that place into what could be a scary place where nothing is known for sure. In the Seven, we step away from the security that comes from organization and harmony in the external world and are asked to find peace and contentment within ourselves in spite of external circumstances. To do this represents a high spiritual state of being, and one that is not easily obtained. Even Jesus said that it is more difficult for a man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. The Seven is the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven. At its very essence, the Seven represents faith.

People with Seven Birth Cards walk the line between the mundane and the spiritual and they get the chance to experience both during the course of their life. However, being a Seven, they are not truly content and happy unless they are in the spiritual side of life. When they are carefree and full of appreciation for the wonder and splendor of their life, they are happy and content. They are carefree because they live knowing that all of their needs are being provided for. They have a direct connection to a higher source that guarantees that they will be taken care of. They have no worries in the world and are actually experiencing higher states of consciousness: spiritual consciousness.

When the Seven person falls back into the material world, they meet with untold problems and concerns. They are afraid of not having enough. They feel insecure and unloved. They worry, and this worry tortures them. They try to manipulate others and their environment to protect themselves, but it just makes matters worse. They can become morose and depressed and, in some cases, develop very negative attitudes about life that seem to perpetuate their misery. Miserable or miserly is a good description of the Seven person who is operating on the mundane side of their personalities. They live in a world where there just isn’t enough.

Having been born a Seven actually means that this life will be sort of a do-or-die crash course in spiritual lifestyle. The Seven person, probably more than any other card in the deck, will not be able to get away with any behavior that is less than ‘living in the truth. The ultimate truth is that we are all loved and cared for by God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it. The Seven person will have to walk and live in this truth or suffer greatly as a consequence. As a result, we find that Sevens often come in two varieties — those who are very happy and unattached about things in their life, and those who are unhappy and worried all the time. The ones that are unattached seem to live magical lives, where things just come to them when they need it. They are giving and understanding and, for the most part, carefree about their needs being met. They are often engaged in service to others and are capable of great deeds for the cause of humanity. The other Sevens are living in a world of lack and poverty, trickery and manipulation. They are rarely happy with their life.

It is interesting to note that most of the Sevens have power cards that are their first Karma Card. The 7 of Hearts has the 8 of Hearts, the 7 of Clubs has the 8 of Diamonds and the 7 of Hearts has the K of Diamonds. All of these connections indicate the misuse of power in a former incarnation. Many people of these cards come into this life with a tendency to force things to get their way, along with a habit of avoiding responsibility for their own fears and insecurities. Now, in this lifetime, each time they assert their power from the wrong place, they run into innumerable obstacles and suffer as a result. It is only when they learn the use of power to help others that they find that things work out in their favor.

So, the Seven is constantly challenged and it is not an easy path for most. But the possibilities for experiencing higher states of consciousness and being are also present. Many Sevens accomplish what no other card in the deck can — spiritual enlightenment and freedom from the cares of the world.


Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.