Birthcard Astrology: The Joker

playing cards - joker[Note: There are NO Destiny Reports Available for The Joker]

“The Joker”

Little is really known about the Joker. He has no Life Path Cards or Yearly Spreads from which we can make any sort of ctions. In truth, the Joker can be any card in the deck that he or she chooses to be. We cannot even make relationship risons between the Joker and other cards since it holds no place in any of the spreads that define the Life Paths of the other in the deck. The Joker is no card and yet it is all the cards in the deck at the same time. The Joker can assume the personality of any card in the deck at will and yet they have no personality that is truly their own. Thus, they fall into a unique ory in our system of card understanding that separates them from every other card in the deck. Whether this special place is ssing or a curse is highly dependent upon the individual who possesses this Birth Card. As in the case of the other cards, the very trait we are discussing is either used or abused by the individual and the choices that the individual makes are what mines the nature of their lives.

The Joker was the Court Jester in days of old that ascended the throne on ‘Fool’s Day’ each year and impersonated the King, and all members of the kingdom. His day, December 31st, is the time of celebration of the New Year and in ancient times he day to make merry and folly of our serious natures. The Joker would make fun of everyone in the kingdom and in doing so, show them how them how to lighten up a little. He could impersonate anyone with ease. This is still part of the Joker’s personality, the ability to take on any role at will. Since we don’t know which card they are being, it is difficult to make any definite statements about them.

A Joker might be considered the ‘Jack of all Jacks’. This would tend to make them very creative, youthful acting and extremely independent. The Joker is part of the royal family and so we find that they are proud and not too fond of being told what to do, as is the case with most Jacks, Queens and Kings. Because of the strong creative urges in the Joker, we find many are attracted to tage or theater. This same creative energy can show up as a dishonest streak in some of them as well. Many are successful musicians or artists. Whatever type of profession they choose, they are independent and must maintain a certain amount of freedom if they are to be happy and satisfied. They have the potential to be deeply spiritual, being the card that is often associated with God in the Tarot decks (the Fool Card, number Zero). Beyond this, there is little known about them. As Florence Campbell puts it, “They are a mystery unto themselves”.