Birthcard Astrology: The Kings

playing cards - kingclubsKing of Clubs

“The Master of Knowledge Card”

Sitting atop the suit of knowledge, the King of Clubs has everything needed to be an authority in any area they choose. These people have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do they live their life by any doctrine or philosophy other than their own. The well that feeds their minds is inexhaustible and from a high source.

These are the people who live by their own truth. They can be found in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity they are engaged. They have many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to them. However, they also need a certain amount of personal freedom and for many, this is more important than a marriage. They seem to do their best work with a partner, and most King of Clubs are destined to be in partnership. This is the most psychic card in the deck – so much so that their intuitive approach to life is second nature. (Scroll Down for More Information about the King Personality Type.)

playing cards - kingDKing of Diamonds

“The Successful Businessperson Card”

The King of Diamonds is the master of values. In this regard he or she can do very well in any business pursuit, applying the inherited knowledge to their business with much success. These people always do better as heads of their own business. They can be very mercenary when it comes to money and business, but they don’t have to be. This is the only “one-eyed” King in the deck which means that they tend to see everything from their own point of view exclusive of others. This can make them very stubborn and one-sided in their view points. However, all of them know what is of real value and if they follow their knowing instead of their fears, they can be the most respectable people in the business world.

They must always guard against using their power to get things to go their way. They have good marriage karma in general and usually marry someone who is intelligent and able to contribute to their goals. They are very creative and can make huge amounts of money by using this gift. The King of Diamonds are powerful people who can do much good in the world and can be examples of those who are “in the world but not of it”. (Scroll Down for More Information about the King Personality Type.)

playing cards - kingheartsKing of Hearts

“The Loving Father Card”

Standing at the top of the suit of love, the King of Hearts recognizes that love is the highest power of all. These people make devoted parents, but not always the best spouses. Their devotion to their children and profession often displaces the love they would give their spouse.

They do love everyone, forever, its true, but sometimes the wrong associations bring problems. These people can be overbearing, as all Kings can, but this is only the case when they have been betrayed by those they hold closest to their hearts. From past lives, they bring with them the knowledge of mastery of their emotions and of their family life.

Consider yourself blessed if they consider you to be one of their “family”. There are inevitable losses of loved ones in their lives but they know the truth and can let go though they still feel the pain. Many of them are mentally gifted and sometimes psychic. Much knowledge just flows to them and they use this to rise up to the top in their careers.

playing cards - kingspadesKing of Spades

“The Master Card”

The people of this card are masters of anything they decide to do. Unless the men decide to stay as Jacks, they always rise to the top of their chosen profession. The King of Spades is the last, most wise and powerful card in the deck. They have a high regard for wisdom, a love of learning, and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success and recognition. They are capable of managing the largest organizations.

They have indecision about love and close relationships and often they forego marriage for a single life. They are always enterprising and ambitious, rarely lazy or of a lower persuasion. Even though they don’t all reach a high place, all of them have the wisdom and rarely do they sink down to lowly acts. With all their abilities, they are often discontent. This can be channeled as progressiveness or dissatisfaction. When they go within, to the spiritual realms, they are able to penetrate the deepest secrets with ease. These are the Masters. (Scroll Down for More Information about the King Personality Type.)

More About the Kings

The King is the last card in each suit, representing the last stage of development. Within the King is the wisdom of having passed through every number below him in his evolution to the pinnacle of power. The King is the masculine archetype of leadership and power, accompanied by the wisdom of experience. All Kings know the right thing to do. However, they do not always act upon that wisdom, which is how we account for those Kings who are a discredit to their symbol. The problem lies primarily in the misuse of power, which is a very alluring and easily misused thing for all of us. You should also read about the Eights as you study the Kings because they share this power. Hopefully, the King has already learned about the misuse of power during his or her evolution and will not abuse it again. But there are always enough variations that we will eventually run across a King who personifies all that is bad and undesirable in a powerful person.

All Kings have a certain amount of pride. Because they are natural born leaders, they tend to set themselves apart from the world at large and see themselves as part of a special group of leaders. Even those who do not directly recognize this quality within themselves will exhibit some pride or aversion to being given direction by others in spite of themselves. Many Kings do not recognize the power they already have and are using in their life. Some actually believe they are somewhat powerless in their world, but a close examination of their life always reveals that they are stubbornly persistent in doing things their own way. Usually others respect them or fear them, even if they themselves are unaware of it because of their damaged self-image. For many Kings, all they need to know is that they are a King, one who is meant to lead. Often, this by itself is all they need to get their minds in sync with who they really are.

Any King’s power is defined primarily by their birth suit. The King of Hearts has power with people and personal relationships. They are charming and very intelligent. The King of Clubs has mental power that can be applied in a multitude of professions or situations. They make the fine distinctions that separate truth from untruth. The King of Diamonds is the powerful and often ruthless business person. When they decide to take over, there isn’t much they cannot accomplish on the material level, though their personal happiness may be lost in the process. The King of Spades has the power of the will backed by a deep wisdom. Their mind will never be swayed by others since their own wisdom is constantly telling them the truth.

Female Kings are an interesting quirk in the cosmic plan. Here is a soul in a woman’s body which has definite leadership ability, decisiveness and usually a bit of aggressiveness to match. Women like Sharon Stone, Faye Dunaway, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Janet Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II and Bridget Fonda all personify women who are strong leaders of men. A King is not an easy card to be for anyone because of the tremendous responsibility implied. The women have the added burden of balancing their male and female sides in personal relationships. This hurdle alone can take most of a lifetime to conquer.

Being a King implies responsibility, and perhaps this is another of the real reasons that some Kings never achieve their potential. Responsibility can be either distasteful or fearful for some Kings and they may make a decision early on to avoid this part of their life at all costs. When they do, they take off their crown and become either the Jack or Queen of their suit, throwing away most of their power and potential. Few King of Spades are ready to wear their crowns. Since they are literally the King of Kings, their crown holds the most power, but also the most burden. Most King of Spades feel more comfortable as a Jack or Queen. They make great artists, musicians and actors, but few achieve the full potential of the most powerful card in the entire deck. However, the other Kings are also guilty of this same choice. Though it doesn’t happen as often, other Kings will shy away from the responsibility of living up to their birthright. They just decide to have fun instead. In doing so, they throw away their power and then wonder why their life doesn’t seem to make them happy. All Kings have an inner voice that tells them they are fit to be leaders. Until they fulfill this aspect of their destiny, they cannot truly be at peace with themselves.

Other Kings will abuse their power, forsaking their inherent wisdom and giving in to their fears. They will bully, dominate and use others, but often claim that it is they who are being abused. These are the Kings that have lost their authority. However, this is not a common occurrence. Though we will find those that use their power unwisely, this is not the rule. Most Kings are aware of their power and have the wisdom and patience to know that it must be used with care and responsibility if it is to do any good to them or in the world. We can usually trust them to lead us to things that better our lives in many ways.


Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp – all rights reserved.