Co-Create with Nature


(also found on Day 8 of the eCourse.)

I’d like to share how the idea of The Giving Game came to me.  I learned a process called, “Co-Create with Nature.”  I had never heard of it before, but I knew it was a powerful process, so I jumped right in!  My intention was for The Feel Better Program to go out into the world, with grace and ease, and no marketing whatsoever!  I learned how to connect with my “team” and with no expectation on my part, and no effort whatsoever, The Giving Game began coming to me – usually around 5 a.m. each morning!

If you practice coning I think you’ll be surprised by the remarkable results!

 Take Notes and PRACTICE!  

In this talk Heather Noell and Alissa Smith discuss how to connect with your ‘nature team’ and discuss tips for understanding your “Definition, Direction & Pupose.”

LISTEN to Co-Create with Nature

Below Heather Noell walks you through the coning process & teaches you the “Speed Dial” version of a Coning! (6 min.)


1.  Open a coning.
2.  Invite in the Deva of your project.
3.  Invite in the Elemental energies.
4.  Invite in the Ascended Masters.
5.  Invite in your Higher-Self.
[Note:  If you have trouble with the idea of “Definition, Direction, and Purpose” (DDP) – just hold your INTENTION in mind!  That said, if you take the time to focus on your DDP, it will add much more clarity to your request!]

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