The Giving Game – Day 1

Welcome to The Giving Game 60-Day eCourse!

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need to do all portions of the daily lessons.  Do what appeals to you and HAVE FUN!

If you get behind or need to go back and review one of the lessons, there is a link to all 60 Days of the eCourse at the bottom of each lesson.  Link to ALL 60 Days of the eCourse 

Be sure you have a Gratitude Journal and a pen ready for each day.

Also make a commitment to follow through with this program for the entire 60 Days. Write this down and sign it!!

1. I intend to CREATE 1 HOUR PER DAY FOR MYSELF!  (This is one the most IMPORTANT things you can do!!  When you feel ‘not enough’ time it shows up in your life as ‘not enough’ – money or health or happiness… etc.  Your success in this game depends on creating SPACIOUSNESS in your life!  You may use the time for the giving game, or you might want to just read a book, take a walk, or a bath or a nap…  It is YOUR time!!!)

2. I intend to work with this eCourse for 60 CONSECUTIVE DAYS!

3. I intend to give up self-criticism and Be Positive (NO COMPLAINING)!

4. I intend to work with some portion of “HOW TO FEEL BETTER…” daily, and APPLY what I am learning.

5. I intend to practice the toning-meditation daily.

6. And I intend to slow down and have fun!

* * * * *

LISTEN: There Are No Rules

change_your_mindYour Gratitude Journal: Write down 3 people who’ve ‘rekindled a spark’ in you, and what you appreciate about them. Imagine yourself sending love and appreciation to them as you write. Really feel it!!

The Secret to Living is Giving:  In his book, “Money: Master the Game” Tony Robbins says, “The ultimate message of this book is very simple… The final secret of wealth is: The Secret to Living is Giving.  Give freely, openly, easily and enjoyably.  Give even when you think you have nothing to give, and you’ll discover there is an ocean of abundance inside you and around you.”




Additional Lessons for Giving Game Mentors