The Giving Game – Day 12


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ~ Joseph Campbell


“I love anger.  Angry people are just more empowered sad people.  Call to mind the last time you were really, truly angry.  Feel what was happening in your body: those waves and waves of energy, your blood boiling, your vision acute and pointed, fingers tingling.  Anger is a great energy.  Fantastic!  If enough people on the planet get pissed off about something, it often changes.  The energy of rage can be enormously positive – except, of course, when it is coupled with extreme judgment and perverts itself into acts of terror and war.  Instead of tamping anger down, let it flow.  Let it run through your being like a bolt of electricity from head to toe.

“As the energy rises, meet it.  Allow it to move through you.  It’s the repression and suppression of it that leads to a distorted, destructive place.”
~ “Discovering Your Soul Signature” – Panache Desai

After listening to the Audio Lesson below, write ideas and answer the questions below, then LISTEN to the Clearing Meditation (also below):

1.  Focus on something that causes you to feel angry.  Allow this feeling to deepen and open to it.

2.  Where do you feel anger in your body?  Can you feel a ‘contracting’ presence?  Be fully present with how you feel.

3.  What is the ‘story’ that goes with your anger?  Did it begin with frustration or resentment and escalate from there?  Did you repress your true feelings?

4.  Now breathe.  Drop the ‘story,’ and just focus on the feeling of this energy in your body.

5.  Next, drop the ‘label’ of anger.  Notice you are simply feeling energy.  Hot.  Stirred up.  Heart-pounding.  Explosive.  Volatile.

6.  As you listen to the clearing meditation, imagine the energy of love flowing into this feeling – this “energy in motion.”

7.  BREATHE into the energy, notice what begins to happen in your body as you imagine this loving, golden energy flowing with your breath.

8.  When you let this energy flow through you without supressing it, you can feel it without exploding or projecting your anger at others.

Just for Today: Say to yourself, “I am willing to allow the energy of anger to move through me – uninhibited. I am willing to recognize that it is just energy. Anger is something that every human being has in common. I now know how to feel anger and FLOW it through my body – harming no one in the process – including myself.”

Your Gratitude Journal – We are making more and more conscious choices to live in the bright state of gratitude. There are countless gifts. Write down a few of them today – write down the ones that really please you -write down the ones that really excite you – write down the ones that really touch your heart.



THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING:  Did you guess who was happiest after being given a Starbuck’s gift card?  Here’s the answer:  The people who were there in Starbucks when they treated someone else to a cup of coffee (this was even more intensified when they treated a stranger rather than a friend!)  Dr. Aknin discovered people are happiest when they connect with those they help, and “see how their generous actions have made a difference.”  The happiness we feel from helping others is not only more intense, but it lasts longer too!  [Don’t take someone else’s word for it – go find a stranger and start giving!!]




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