The Giving Game – Day 13

librabluetoliteHello Giving Gamer!

Today I’d like to give you one of my favorite activities from Abraham. This is one of the first ones I used and it really made a difference in my life. I still use it.

The Placemat Process

The Placemat is one of the most powerful processes of deliberate creation offered, so far, because it helps you to clearly focus, without resistance. A woman said, “Abraham, this is like magic!” Abraham replied, “It seems like magic because you have been wanting these things for years but now you want with no resistance.”
The power of the Placemat process is that it accomplishes the only two prerequisites to Deliberate Creating:

1. Identifying your object of desire (what you want)
2. Allowing it (having no resistance)

Want it, allow it, and it is!!!

Jerry and Esther call it the Placemat process because they started using it as they traveled, eating in restaurants a lot, simply writing on the back of a placemat.

Using the back of your Placemat (or any other piece of paper), draw a “T” dividing the paper into two sections, writing “ME” on the top of the left side and “UNIVERSE” on the top of the right side. On the left side (your side), write those things that you are ready and willing to take action on now–those things that you really want or feel inspired to do (not anything you think you “should” do or have any “obligation” to do, for there is resistance already built into those). On your side, write things such as:

Look for more things to appreciate. Be fully present in the moment. Clean out my closet. Write three thank you letters. Achieve enlightenment (smile!).

On the right side (Universe’s side), write anything you want to have, do, or be in your life that you are not ready to take action on (or that you don’t know how to do or think you don’t have the resources to do). Then allow the Universe, with its large and competent staff, to handle those things for you. Your list can be very short and the Universe’s list can be as long as you want it to be. The best part of writing something on the Universe’s side of the Placemat is that there is no follow up for you to do. You don’t have to keep telling the Universe what you want. You really only need to tell the Universe once. The advantage of continuing to think or talk or write about what you want is that you get clearer about it. The more you focus your attention on it, the more you fine tune it.

As you say “I want it,” the Universe begins it, and then you say “I would like it to be this way,” and the Universe modifies that, and then you say “A little bit of this would be nice,” and the Universe adds that. Once you are clear about what you want, once you have zeroed in on it, it is on the way to you. It is done! The manifestation of it will probably follow later, because there is most often enough resistance so that you don’t have it instantly.

It’s like doing magic!!  Have fun!

THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING:  “Research shows that when people buy something for themselves, they get happy for a few minutes or usually for a few hours.  But if they buy a small gift for someone else, the giver’s happiness lasts a minimum to the end of the day, but often the happiness can carry over for days or even weeks on end.”   So, happy Giving Gamer, how’s that giving coming along?  Do you have your list of clever ways you can give money away?  Have you started giving yet?  (If so, are you keeping track of your gratitude journal??)



1.  WRITE a NOTE OF APPRECIATION to someone you would normally not write to.  It must be stamped and mailed with your return address.

2.   Mentally Bless 7 People. Always start with yourself.





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