The Giving Game – Day 14




What if YOU created a PERFECT world that is ETERNAL?

Everything is Perfect and Abundant, Everyone is Kind and Loving to All Living Beings…

Now, given ETERNITY – how long would it take for you to feel bored?
How long would it take for you to want to have an ‘experience’?
In order to have an ‘Experience” how would you devise a way to ‘forget’ Who You Are, and All that You Know?

Your Gratitude Journal – Keep that gratitude list going. It’s really growing. It will be one of your most powerful tools.

THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING: Here’s a beautiful experiment in which employees of a certain company were given bonuses in the $3,000 range. Some people got the bonuses to spend on themselves. And some were instructed to give the money away. Guess who was happier?  “Six months down the line, the people who gave it away reported being much happier than the group that kept it for themselves.”  Think about what all that giving is about – it’s an amazing thing that connects you to other people… and there’s a cycle of benefits that comes from that.




The Game Changer – Heather Noël


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THE GAME: Nothing is as it seems poses the question, “What If Earth Is a Virtual Reality?”

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THE GAME: Nothing is as it seems

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