The Giving Game – Day 15


“Guilt is a self-inflicted wound.”

“Guilt impedes our ability to receive everything that life offers us.  If life presents us with relationships, opportunity, money, we will sabotage them because we feel unworthy.  We’ll punish ourselves, all the while having no idea why we’re doing so.  Guilt locks the reality of unworthiness in place.  It can tie up generations.  Guilt in a family lineage is like a piece of rope that stretches through time.

“But we can break the cycle.  It isn’t that we ever want to forget what has happened or sanction what has occurred  But we can place guilt in its proper perspective.”  ~ Panache Desai

After listening to the Audio Lesson BELOW, write ideas and answer the questions below, then listen to the Clearing Meditaton.

1.  Focus on something that causes you to feel guilty.  Be fully honest and available to this feeling.  Look at the difference in time from this moment back to that original feeling of regret?

2.  What is the underlying feeling holding guilt in place?  Is it sadness, anger, fear?  Feel into every emotion you associate with guilt.

3.  Could you really have done it differently at that time?  Do you have more awareness now than you did then?  Have you evolved?

4.  Are there any promises you make to yourself where you let yourself down and then feel guilty for not following through?  Is there a ‘gap’ between who you want to be and how you show up for yourself?  This is where guilt resides.  Do you find yourself avoiding the feeling of guilt by focusing on self-justification or do you become defensive?

5.  What if this ‘gap’ between what you want to be and what you actually think, say or do is actually an opportunity to see yourself clearly and grow?   What would you see?

6.  Now breathe and relax.  Drop the ‘story’ and just focus on the feeling of this energy in your body.

7.  Next, drop the ‘label’ of guilt.  Notice where you feel this energy in your body.

8.  As you listen to the clearing meditation, imagine the energy of love flowing into every aspect of your feelings.  Love every self-inflicted wound – your wounds are your teachers.  What have you learned?  What is the bigger story of who you are and who you have become?

9.  BREATHE into the energy, notice what begins to happen in your body as you imagine this loving, golden energy flowing with your breath.  Imagine loving all parts of yourself without judgment or condemnation.    As you feel compassion for yourself you embrace all of humanity as well.




Your Gratitude Journal – Three Gratitudes in the AM and three gratitudes in the PM.

THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING: According to Tony Robbins “When you give money away, especially when you do something for a stranger versus if you do something for someone you love, the level of multiplied happiness is geometric. It’s the equivalent of doubling or tripling your salary.”   (Would you like to double or triple your salary?  Now you know what to do!!)


“Guilt is the Divine’s way of letting us know that we’re drifing out of alignment.” ~ Panache Desai



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