The Giving Game – Day 17

1609636_688146804550721_230299509_n“Get into the spirit of the state desired by assuming the feeling that would be yours were you already the one you want to be.”  ~ Neville

I’ll give you an experience I had of this. I was about 23 years old and working as a waitress in New York City when the restaurant manager asked, “Have you ever been in psychotherapy?” I laughed and said, “No. Why do you ask?” He said, “Well, you’ve been working here for six months and you’re happy all the time.”

I thought about that for a minute, because I knew I wasn’t always happy, and then I realized that if I was tired or grumpy when I got to work (I knew I wouldn’t make good tips) so I developed a habit of pretending to be happy while I was setting tables. I’d ‘pretend’ to be happy for about five or ten minutes, and suddenly I was happy – no ‘pretending’ required – and it works EVERY time!

“Every desire you have at its core exists because you think attaining it will make you happy; but happiness can only be attained in the present moment.   Therefore, any desire you have to be happy in the future is blocking your ability to be happy now. Only when you are at peace with what is now, will you ever find happiness now.” ~ Jackson Kiddard

Your Gratitude Journal – Today write down 10 things that you really appreciate about YOU. Choose from body, mind, spirit. Love yourself today. Appreciate who you are today. Go ahead a give yourself a kiss. You deserve it.

Today’s Meditation: Keep toning – notice the little miracles that are taking place all around you.

** The meditation below (10 minutes) is included in The Feel Better Program.







THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING:  In the book, “Thrive,” by Arianna Huffington, it shows that the act of giving actually improves your physical and mental health.  A 2013 study from Britain’s University of Exeter Medical School revealed how volunteering is associated with lower rates of depression, higher reports of well-being, and a 22% reduction in death rates!  “Volunteering at least once a week yields improvements to well-being tantamount to your salary increasing from $20,000 to $75,000!

change_your_mind“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

“Do not worry about how you will make it all work. Just focus on how you feel and go towards those things that bring forth joy. When you are living in your joy, the Universe is living joyfully through you. When you are living a life of fear, the universe is dying and becoming smaller.” ~ Jackson Kiddard


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