The Giving Game – Day 18


Shame and guilt are both born of judgment, but there is a distinction between them:  Shame is silent.  We wear our guilt – and we hide our shame.  We’ll share our guilt – it’s a way in which we look for acceptance. But we don’t share our shame.  Instead, we lock it away in a dark closet where we hope it will never be revealed, but all the while it is shaping our lives.  Because that which we do not bring into the light of day controls us.

Shame leads to isolation.  The antidote for shame is intimacy.  Authentic vulnerability.  In order to be truly intimate with another person we must be authentically vulnerable.  ~ Discovering Your Soul Signature – Panache Desai

After listening to the Audio Lesson write ideas and answer the questions below, then listen to the Clearing Meditation.

1. Begin by looking into the mirror. Maintain your gaze until you see that part of you which is sacred – untouched by the complexities of life.

2. From this intimate place, speak the truth of your deepest shame so you can let it go.
3. If you find yourself pushing away from this level of intimacy. Stop. Open your hands, palms up – Breathe.
4. Know that you are human – and you are not alone.
5. Say to yourself, ‘I am willing (or willing to be willing) to love every aspect of myself.’





“Focus on liberating the shadow self by embracing it as the innocence dwelling in your own divine heart space. This means every hurtful, judgmental, or fearful thought can be met with a response, “Thank you for opening up to me. I love hearing from you.” Even being triggered by the actions of others can now offer you opportunities to say, “I understand how you feel. You will be loved more – not less.” ~ Matt Kahn

Your Gratitude Journal – Today write down 10 things that you really appreciate about YOU. Choose from body, mind, spirit. Love yourself today. Appreciate who you are today. Go ahead a give yourself a kiss. You deserve it.

Today’s Meditation: Keep toning – notice the little miracles that are taking place all around you.

Giving to Others – Share the kindness that you feel in your heart. Do you see someone with eyes downcast? Lift them.



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