The Giving Game – Day 20



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Here’s a little background: Geshe Michael Roach graduated from Princeton with honors, then with a grant studied with Tibetan Lamas and became the first American to complete the 20 years of training required to graduate with the degree of ‘geshe’ which is similar to a master’s degree. His Tibetan Abbot asked him to spread the philosophy he had learned by applying it in business and becoming highly successful – without ever revealing that he, Geshe Michael, was a Buddhist Lama. The end result was that Geshe Michael started a diamond business with a $50,000 loan (and only three or four employees) which grew into a business with sales in excess of 100 million U.S. dollars per year, with over 500 employees in offices around the world. Geshe Michael quit the diamond business to teach these philosophies to businesses around the world (along with others like Adam who was on his way to teach in China for two months right after I met him).

Three of my clients ordered TDC and then ended up joining a giving game that I was mentoring. On our weekly calls they would talk enthusiastically about TDC, so I put the three of them together as ‘buddies,’ and they started their own weekly calls specifically to talk about TDC (and the ideas that you will be learning!) Their enthusiasm for TDC caused everyone in the group to purchase the book (and also a second book called, “Karmic Management”) prior to the end of our 8 week program!

PRACTICE these any time! 

The 4 Step Coffee Meditation

1. Write down what you want in a single sentence.
2. Decide who you want to help get the same thing, then take them out for coffee and talk it. (Example: if you want to start a business, find someone else who wants to start a business and help them – including financially if that is something they need. Do you want more money, a relationship – the same principles work – help someone else!)
3. Actually do something to help them. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to help. You are creating a new neural pathway in your brain – also known as an ‘imprint’ and 90% of what creates this new and powerful imprint is your intention to help! So it doesn’t matter if you successfully helped the other person or not – just do your best.)
4. Coffee Meditation: At night as you are lying in bed think of all the good things you’re doing to help your friend!



As you will remember, The Golden Key (Day 5) is: “Take your thought off of the problem and focus on…. ” (I recommend you use the Hooponopono idea (Day 16) – “I LOVE YOU” repeatedly UNTIL you are no longer focused on the problem. Or say to yourself “ALL IS WELL.”  (Recently I was mentoring a Giving Game player who said this method wasn’t really working for her. Well, I have NEVER seen this simple concept fail IF it is applied consistently! As we spoke it became clear that she wasn’t consistent. So that gave me the idea of having players track their thoughts using this very simple method).


1. This is one of the most important things you’ll learn for being consistent and staying on track.
2. 6 x a day you’re going to keep track of your thoughts.
3. Buy a small notebook that will fit in your pocket.
4. Divide a few pages into 6 boxes & Number the Boxes.
5. Every couple of hours notice how you’re doing. You will fill in 3 boxes in the morning and 3 boxes in the afternoon.
6. Here is all you will do. If you took your thought off of the problem give yourself a “+” sign. If you chose to focus on the problem (this includes ‘telling your story’ or gossiping – give yourself a “-” sign. If you started off being ‘unsuccessful’ but quickly changed your thinking, give yourself a star!
7. Before you go to bed notice how well you did that day. (No judgement – you are just keeping track.) As you are falling asleep think back on your day and APPRECIATE YOURSELF for all of the good things you did during the day!

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Your Gratitude Journal – Record 6 things you are thankful for. Read them in the morning and before going to bed.

Today’s Meditation – Appreciate YOURSELF!!

Giving to Others – See above!

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt



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