The Giving Game – Day 22


We speak to ourselves in a way we wouldn’t speak to our worst enemy – I’m ugly.  Fat. Stupid. Old. I don’t deserve happiness or pleasure…

“And then we wonder why our reality obliges.

“Because we exist in a vibrational reality – one in which all of life responds and resonates with our emotional states – it is an absolute guarantee that any and all judgments, criticisms, and evalulations that we place on ourselves will be echoed right back to us.”

~ Discovering Your Soul Signature – Panache Desai




Next, write your ideas, answer the questions below.

1.  Today, accept one thing where you’ve judged yourself or felt judged for by another.
2.  Stop believing your old stories – and stop telling your stories to yourself and others.
3.  Put your hands on any part of your body that you don’t accept and say out loud “I love my_____” (butt, thighs, belly, wrinkles etc.)
4.  Next say “I love my____” like a cheerleader!  (Watch Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation” below!  Follow her lead!)

To find your way out of self-judgment.  Stop.  Breathe.  Look at the emotion beneath the chatter.  Is it sadness, frustration, loneliness, anger…?  Be present with how you feel.  The doorway out of judgment is acceptance.



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Here is an easy way to find the seed that was planted or the imprint in your mind. Your upset is not about the person or experience that you’re focusing on, so drop the story in your mind and just focus on how you are (or were) feeling. Now think back to the first time you can remember having that feeling. Usually the feeling started in childhood or your teens, at the very latest your early to mid-twenties. Whatever you are remembering shows you that this is an imprint from a much earlier time and has nothing to do with the person or experience you are currently focused on. Try listening to the CLEARING MEDITATION as well.



My Gratitude Journal – Today record seven things you are grateful for. Why don’t you read through your whole list. Pretty impressive!

Giving to Others – Are you still smiling? Ok – today find yourself a stranger and observe for a while – find something you really appreciate about them – and then walk on over – Tell them! Share your appreciation.



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