The Giving Game – Day 23

Emotional Freedom Technique! 

My first experience of EFT was years ago in a class of 50 people.  EFT was brand new and none of us had ever heard of it.  When the instructor asked for a show of hands in regard to people who were afraid of public speaking, a timid woman raised her hand, and much to her chagrin, found herself standing uncomfortably in front of the group.  Her voice was constricted and shaky, her body stiff – she looked like a ‘deer in the headlights!’  In less than 10 min. she was talking in front of our group as if she was talking to a good friend.  Completely calm and authentic, her body and demeanor completely relaxed!  It was really quite unbelievable!

(For more videos for specific emotional issues go to and “Search” for EFT.)

EFT to Create Abundance (over 1,000,000 views).


8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness

Pay close attention to any area where you feel frustrated or angry – I can guaranteed you are doing something that doesn’t work!

Today’s To-Do List:

1.         Sit quietly.
2.         What is one project I would really like to accomplish in my life right now?
3.         When would I like to have this project completed?
4.         What will it look and feel like if I am really successful?

 TDC Problems & Solutions


Giving to Others – One definition of appreciation is to “rise in value.” By appreciating a person, we offer them a valuable view of who they are to us, in the present moment.  Today I want to turn the tables on you – I want you to express appreciation, joy and encouragement to someone that is very special to you. This person is worthy. This person is deserving. It is so important that you appreciate you. It is so important that you know you are good. Come up with a nice way to express love and appreciation for you today. In fact, come up with 6 ways to show appreciation for yourself. What makes you feel good? What fills you with joy?

Have you got your six? Don’t stop until you’ve got six. Got them? Ok – choose one and do it today. There is nothing like self-appreciation! You would do something wonderful for a friend, parent, partner or child… why not you?!





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