The Giving Game – Day 25



Have you ever wanted something and no matter what you did or how hard you tried you simply could not obtain your heart’s desire? The reason most people try and fail is because they don’t realize their subconscious mind is the one ‘running the show!’ No matter what you want, your subconscious beliefs and fears will ‘override’ your conscious desires.

The trick to “switching-on” your subconscious mind so that it aligns with your heart’s desire is to give as little attention to the process as possible. It should require no more attention than turning on a light-switch in a room: You don’t think about it, you expect the light to turn on – even though you don’t know anything about electricity or how it makes its way to your home and turns on a lightbulb. In fact, if the light switch doesn’t work, you’d be quite surprised.

But there’s much more to it. This conversation between Heather Macauley and Roxanne Hunt sheds new light on how to be prosperous in all areas of your life by combining this simple ‘On-Switch’ technique with universal principles regarding the ‘flow’ of abundance in every area of your life.

Below you’ll find approximately 100 SWITCHWORDS that “switch-on” the subconscious. Be sure you LISTEN to the Conversation between Heather and Roxanne first so you understand how to use them!!

(from The Secret to Perfect Living – James T. Mangan)
This book was originally published in 1963 and is now Public Domain.

p.s. I mention “30 Days to Finding True Love” in this talk. It is not available in its original form, but it has been woven into many of the lessons throughout the 60 day ecourse.









When I was pregnant with my daughter, Amelia, I swam with a captive dolphin every day for a month.  At the end of that time, I was reading a book called, Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child.”  The book suggested I ask my unborn child, “What do you want from me when you are born?”  The instant I wrote the question down I heard in my mind, “I want you to help me remember who I am.”  Then, the affirmation you are about to listen to, came through.  I wrote it exactly as it came to me with no changes, and recorded it, along with lullabies, for other children to enjoy.

Over and over, parents wrote telling me about how much their children loved the CD, but to my surprise, many of the adults told me they listened to Amelia’s Affirmations every day!

(Left – Amelia, age 6, swimming with wild spinner dolphins on the island of Maui.)











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