The Giving Game – Day 27

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8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness

Ancient Wisdom: “Whatever you want from life you must do for someone else first.” Why? The best and most effective way to plant seeds or create a new and powerful imprint is to ‘bounce’ it off of someone else. If you are only focused on yourself it’s like trying to get an echo while standing on the ocean yelling toward to sea – no echo. But when you focus on helping someone else it’s like going into a cave your voice bounces back from multiple walls. Or you could think of other people as the stick you use to push the seeds into the soil. That’s why we need other people!

Bottom line: If you want to be successful in relationships, business, finances, creativity etc. you must FIRST focus on making others successful. If you are in business that means finding way to help everyone around you be successful – your co-workers, customers, suppliers and even the world! In relationships it’s the same idea, help your children, husbands, parents and friends be successful in whatever is important to them. (e.g. you have a child who is grumping about helping with dishes – tell her, “I know you want to watch a movie right now, so I’ll tell you what, if you will happily do the dishes I will help you.” (If your child still refuses to be happy, let her do the dishes her way. No matter how she responds you have successfully planted a seed of happiness – 90% of the imprint is your intention! And personally, I’m happy to help my daughter, and I’m happy to let her have her way and not help. Either way I’m happier for having made the offer. But I must say, my daughter always saw my happiness vision and decided to be happy to let me help! And every time I applied this type of thinking my daughter and I felt more love, happiness and support – and that’s probably why we never went through the ‘teenage’ rebellion thing – how can you authentically ‘rebel’ against love, understanding and support?)

Today’s To-Do List:

1.         Sit quietly.
2.         Write the 3 most successful times in your life.
3.         See if you can remember helping someone else succeed (even in a small way).
4.         Now see if you can make the connection between success in life and helping others (and how about giving yourself a pat on the back for the good things you’ve done in the past!)

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Your Gratitude Journal – Gratitude for seven things in your life. Record in your journal.

Today’s Meditation – Enjoy. (Are you waking up with inspired thoughts yet?!)

Giving to Others – Jump out of your comfort zone today – meet someone new – give them a compliment. Lift them with your words and your smile.





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