The Giving Game – Day 28

Universal-ConsciousnessThe Ego

“If addiction is distraction, egoic existence is the biggest distraction of them all, because our egos distract us from the greatest truth there is: We’re all part of one entity, one expression.”
~ Panache Desai

1. Notice how you respond to any challenges during your day.
2. When you feel ‘bruised’ – do you want to lash out?
3. Do you assert yourself, interrupt, compare, manipulate, lack curiosity, try to make yourself look better?  Or do you have an ‘inner conversation’ where you are right and the other person is wrong?
4.  Do you find a way to ‘push back’ or make a ‘demand’ out loud – or covertly in your mind?
4. What do you accomplish?
5. Do you feel better? Does the other person feel better?
6. Notice that every response is based on past, unresolved wounds – it is never the person in front of you.

For Today: When you feel this egoic part of you being ‘activated’ – Stop. Do nothing. Breathe. Practice being in this moment. THIS moment is where the ego shines. Be Here Now. Practice. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect. You’ll have plenty of opportunities ahead. Just notice that it will get easier and easier as you go along! The key is to be aware and be authentic with yourself.





When you stop focusing your ego on past wounds or future fears, you will begin to see that the ego was created to focus in this present moment. In this moment, you’ll discover the ego is your best friend and ally. When properly focused it is the ego that allows you to be passionate and powerful, a radiant expression of your unique magnificence!

Your Gratitude Journal – Lift that vibration. Remember as you vibrate –so you attract. Appreciation is the best attractor. Record 7 gratitudes today – this time about you, your personality, your job, your face, your body, your mind, your spirit. You. You. You. Self-appreciation is a biggie. Do a little self loving today.

Today’s Meditation – Are you enjoying the peace and quiet? Do you love the simplicity of allowing? I know I do!

Giving to Others – Ask yourself who am I really thankful for during the first 20 years of your life? Who would come to mind? Write their names in your journal. Are they still around in the physical? Choose one that is and give them a call. Lift their spirits with your love. If all of them are now in the nonphysical – why not write one of them a letter and tell them what they meant to you. They’ll know. And so will you. It’s an uplifting experience.






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