The Giving Game – Day 29

The Theory of Awesomeness!  (You can start at 9:00 min. and skip a long intro. about where he started.)



8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness

For you to succeed your Echo-Partner must succeed as well. If they fail you fail. If they succeed you succeed. In other words there is no separation between you and your co-workers, you and your family, you and your clients, you and the world. Everything and everyone is connected. Whatever you want you must first give to others. That means you can’t possibly be in competition with another person and succeed (even if you make money or attain what you think you want). Instead do everything you can to make others successful.

When you create success for everyone – that is how you create success for the world, and then you are working in harmony with universal law. Notice what happens when you are in sync with the power that creates all things!

Today’s To-Do List:

1.         Sit quietly.
2.         In your notebook write the names of four different people you need for your “Echo.” If you’re in business write a person to correspond with each of the following: Co-worker; Customer; Supplier; the World. (If you are focused on relationships or finances or something else create your own version.)
3.         After each name write down how you are going to help them be a success. Next, clearly describe what their success will look like when you get finished with them. (This doesn’t need to be big, but do be very specific).

TDC Problems & Solutions


Your Gratitude Journal – How’s your list looking my friend? Lots of gratitude? What are you thankful for?

Today’s Meditation – Enjoy the new YOU. Keep going. Breathe deeply, sing or hum. You are the song of the Universe – how does that feel?!

Giving to Others – Express love to a family member or someone that feels like family.





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