The Giving Game – Day 30

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I’m not good enough

One of the most powerful mantras in the English language is: I’m not good enough. Here’s why: because it’s not true. And yet on some level we believe it to be true. As we saw with shame, transformation, at its essence, is bringing that which remains hidden into awareness.

What we are able to illuminate disappears.  ~ Panache Desai

Your Gratitude Journal & Giving to Others:

You know what to do now!  I  hope you enjoy this enough that you’ll keep going!







8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness

“Decisions just breed more.”  This is simple, but it’s not easy. There are basically two types of decisions. One type is where you are clear and calm and know what to do – like deciding to look left, look right and then cross the road. The other type of decision is one that causes anxiety or confusion – you will know you are ‘trying’ to make this type of decision because you will feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Simply put, when you Stop Making Decisions you stop trying to solve problems using your analytical mind. Listen to the OK Concept. The trick is to allow the problem to be OK and then the solution will come with no effort on your part. Eventually, if you keep working with this program, you will wake up intuitively knowing the answers you seek. (Also, try working with Lesson 8 – Co-creating with your nature team. I know it sounds ‘out-there’ but try it and see what happens! Every person who I have mentored in the Giving Game has ultimately tried it because others in their group have raved about the results, and then they too are excited with their own outcomes!)

Today’s To-Do List:

1.        Write down something you want.  (To remove fear just think, “This or something better.”)
2.       Now write in your journal: “The odds of success in all things are 100%.”
3.       Write your own personal code. No more than 5 items that you feel would make you a better person.
4.       Just before you go to bed, feel gratitude for yourself and think of things you did to help others during the day. (This is a really powerful imprint, especially as you are falling asleep – your subconscious mind will ‘work’ on this all night long – amplifying whatever you were thinking about as you fall asleep.)

TDC Problems & Solutions






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