The Giving Game – Day 33

30523_395209999036_5034719_nThe truth will set you free!

Many people are afraid of sacrifice, afraid they will act the way they did in the past – so they become independent. Yet the extent of your independence is a reflection of the amount of sacrifice and dependency you still need to heal.

Roles begin in childhood with a trauma or some kind of emotional loss which was never resolved or mourned. The role becomes a pattern which typically repeats itself in your life. All three roles – sacrifice, dependency and independence – are surreptitious forms of ‘taking’ combined with an inability to receive.

This may involve giving in order to take, or losing now to win later, or withdrawing so as not to be taken from. If we fail to resolve these counter-productive roles, we inevitably experience a certain amount of ‘deadness’ in our lives – especially in the ‘relationship’ that is the most challenging for us – whether it’s money, health, or your relationship with yourself and others.

One of the easiest ways to move through feelings of deadness is just to be more willing to move forward in your life.  The following is a quote from the video below:


“I don’t love others to open their heart,
I love others to open my heart.
And if other hearts are opened as a result,
That’s wonderful – but that’s not my focus.
Their heart will open when they choose to open it,
And the love I give them is because I’m choosing to open my heart now.
And that’s the power of my own love.”  ~ Matt Kahn

Complete Happiness in 2 Steps – Bentinho Massaro



8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness


We’ll combine this concept with your Things-To-Do List:

1.  Look back at the four “Echo-People” who you are planning to make successful. (See link above)
2.  Going forward, each and every day write down one specific action you are going to do to help them be more successful. This doesn’t need to be anything big – in fact small is best.
3.  If you don’t actually see the person, consider a phone call or a message, or try sending them a blessing – the more you feel love, compassion or empathy the more successful you will be (remember 90% of the seed being planted is your intention!)

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