The Giving Game – Day 34


You have what you want

What you have in your life is exactly what you want because that is what you have made and brought to you. The way to have something different is by changing your mind because that allows you to change your world.

One of the biggest traps we face in life is playing the role of victim, thinking we don’t want what we have. Once you begin to realize you are making the choices in an instant and then in the next instant repressing them, you can start choosing consciously, and have a much better chance of getting what you really want.

As you begin to explore experiences in your life, especially why you don’t have money, your perfect partner, the level of health you desire or easier relationships – many feelings may come up: anger, defensiveness, denial, guilt, hurt, doubt, shame, disbelief and sadness.

Just experience your feelings and notice you are experiencing them. No negative feeling is ultimately accurate. This principle is the basis of all healing and is the reason why all painful feelings and situations can be transformed.

So with that in mind, let’s get down to exactly WHAT you need to change (along with your thinking) to have whatever you want! By combining the information from the video and your answers to the questions below, you will be well on your way!


How to get what you want (in less than 20 min)! It’s simple, but it isn’t easy!
“How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” a TED talk with Mel Robbins.


This next exercise helps to discover one’s hidden agenda:

Step 1: Pretend for a moment you really don’t want whatever it is that you desire – a relationship, money, health, the perfect home, career etc. (Now, we know you do, but for the purpose of this exercise pretend you don’t.)

Step 2: Write down all the reasons which come into your mind why you don’t want a relationship, money, health, the perfect home, career etc

Step 3: Consider how what you have written is your subconscious agenda which is stopping you.

Step 4: Choose once again what it is you really want in the light of this new information.
To discover other crucial subconscious motivations that are more important to you than what you truly desire, ask yourself these next questions beginning each one with: “If I were to know …” This allows you to access your intuition to what you have hidden:

If I were to know what not having __________ allows me to do, it is …
If I were to know what I don’t have to do by not having __________, it is…
If I were to know what I’m afraid of or think I would lose by having __________, it is … If I were to know who I’m getting revenge on by having what I want, it is …
If I were to know what guilt I’m paying off or why I don’t deserve __________, it is because …
When answers arise to these questions it is important to change your mind so you can be open for what you desire. What you are seeking is seeking you! If you are willing to change, say to yourself, “I am willing to release_____________” and God/Love/your Higher Mind, will take care of the rest!





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