The Giving Game – Day 36



Opening the door

Take a look to see if doubt is shutting out the possibility for perfect relationships (including your relationship with yourself!) prosperity or health.

Doubt gets created by mixed messages – when you don’t trust yourself or feel confident enough to make new choices. Fear that you lack awareness creates doubt too.

Write the answers to these questions:
1. Who do I doubt in creating abundance?
2. What energy can I become to trust me?
3. What am I avoiding knowing that would help me?
4. What energy can I become to know everything about anything?

Do you close the door by neglecting yourself?

We all have denial systems where we don’t want to look at what we actually are creating.  For instance, you may try to save money, but never do.  You go to work, hating your job, but you never try to change it.

Do you neglect yourself when it comes to creating time and space for yourself? For instance, have you made an effort to create an hour a day for yourself?  Or have you been playing The Giving Game and rushing around trying to fit more into your day?  

The point of creating an hour a day (it can be half an hour in the morning and at night, 15 min. here and there – it’s up to you!) is to give yourself an hour EVERY DAY for YOU!  You may choose to do something involving The Giving Game- or just do something for yourself.  The point is to create time and space for yourself so you can choose what you want to do with that time.  And at the end of the 60 Day eCourse, you will still have that hour every day!

Look at the places in life that you neglect, and the areas you don’t like, yet never try to change:

1. How do I neglect myself in manifesting abundance?
2. What energy can I become to love myself more?






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