The Giving Game – Day 39

rockwellShattering Inner Sabotage

“Once you begin to embrace your own worthiness, you will also begin to encounter ways in which you undermine it.

“How often have you seen people reaching the pinnacle of success only to blow up their lives? They have everything they could possibly want in a material sense, but still they’re miserable. This is because they haven’t addressed their unlovability, their feelings of not being good enough.

“We resolve our inner sabotage by dispelling the false evidence, so that we can see the truth of what life is.  

“Realize that life is unfolding for you.” ~ Panache Desai

The inner-saboteur shows up only when you are feeling happy, fulfilled, and at peace, or when you are about to have a breakthrough.  But it does not exist without your participation.

It’s easy enough to recognize when you are feeling happy and peaceful (and then negatively focus on imagined fears) but how do you know when you are about to have a breakthrough?

Try to remember how you felt prior to a life-changing new insight?  You may feel powerless, confused, lost, alone, misunderstood, or unsupported.  You may feel tired or bored.  Or your feelings may take the form of judgment, comparing yourself to others, or seeing yourself as superior.  You may convince yourself that there’s not much for you to learn – you’ve read the books, attended the workshops – you already have all the answers.

Can you recognize when the inner-saboteur emerges?




change_your_mind1. In the presence of peace, do you start worrying about your well-being or the well-being of someone you love?
2. When things are going well, does a fearful movie begin playing through your mind?
3. When you feel your happiest – do you ever feel undeserving, unworthy or unlovable?
4. Do you begin to focus fearfully on past events, or imagine events that you fear will occur in the future?

Rather than avoiding the ‘human condition’ what if your own painful experiences are actually a way that you can relate to the pain of others? Do you understand how it feels to be broken-hearted, lonely, lost or abandoned?

What if the experiences that caused you to feel pain, fear, loneliness, abandonment and betrayal were actually opportunities to ‘soften’ your heart and help you relate to others with authenticity, kindness, compassion and understanding?

Are you willing to embrace all that you are – all that you have experienced – without judgment?

When you are feeling peaceful and happy, you always have a choice. You can worry and imagine that all the goodness you’re experiencing might be ruined by some uncontrollable, inevitable event.

Or you can recognize that Life is always unfolding for you – giving you opportunities to be of greater service to humanity.

The inner-saboteur disappears when you have the courage to say yes to happiness, joy, peace.

Embrace every painful, frightening thought that comes your way by saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” You cannot feel fear and love at the same time. Just keep choosing love until the fear subsides and disappears.






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