The Giving Game – Day 40


The universe is in a state of infinite potential, and your reality will only reflect what you believe!

1. Watch ‘How to Manifest What You Desire’ (video)

2. Write specifically what you want – start with something you believe in.  Be lighthearted, have fun with this!

3.  Start a Synchronisity Journal. 

4.  Specifically in regard to money:  First recognize your worth by recognizing your own giving nature.  What have you done in the past to give to others?  What would you do in future?  What would you give to others if you had an infinite supply of money?

5  In the morning, light a candle and say,
“I am the Great Giver.”

6. The next day light a candle and say,
“I am the Great Receiver.”

(I personally like lighting a candle that can be safely left burning until it burns out.)

8 Steps to Prosperity and Happiness

Every birth ultimately leads to death, but there is a way to keep new birth happening all the time. Think of it like planting a crop. The seeds grow into plants that are eventually harvested, and then something very important takes place – the farmer saves 10 % of the seeds for the next year’s planting. And no matter what happens over the winter, they never touch the seeds for the next crop.

So think of this 10% as ‘reinvesting’ in the future. If you have any financial problems (or if you want to avoid them in the future) try reinvesting 10% of what you make into something or someone you want to help. You will have lots of opportunities if you are doing the Coffee Meditation!

I grew up with the idea of tithing to our church, but when I left organized religion it never occurred to me to give this 10% elsewhere until I read an article in Spirituality and Health Magazine. The man who wrote the article explained that he lived in Aspen and had been working in real estate when the market went belly-up. He signed up for an expensive spirituality in business class and his first assignment was to give 10% to a homeless person. He was horrified, but did it. He then said that this was the single most powerful thing he did, and his finances completely turned around – even though the economy had not!

I was thrilled to realize I could give 10% to whatever/whoever I chose (I don’t know why it never occurred to me before!) So whenever I made money I put 10% on my little abundance altar and never touched it for myself. The money only went to others. And here is what happened, I began feeling like a fairy-godmother because I had to find a home for all the money that kept accumulating. I found things to donate to, homeless people to help, I would write checks to friends who were struggling, I even gave a friend a round trip plane ticket to Maui – and still the money just kept rolling in!

This same idea works for anything. For instance if you start a relationship or a business it is a kind of ‘birth’ so keep consciously finding ways to reinvest by noticing any problems that come up, then focusing only on yourself (not changing anyone else) and what you need to do to create new imprints – what seeds do you need to plant? Then take action! Consciously keep saving and planting new seeds. Always reinvest some of your success in others around you.

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