The Giving Game – Day 41

woman-spiritLetting go of the past opens up the present

Letting go counters the destructive influence of holding on. The extent of your attachment, the depth of your desire to hold on – is a reflection of how much fear you carry in regard to relationships, money or health. It is impossible to attract something love-based with fear, because fear actually repels the very thing you desire. To attract what you want and desire, you must let go of attachment and needs.

Who or what are you blaming?

Blame and shame usually link together. Consider looking at the pattern that attracted ‘undesired’ elements into your life. If you ‘blame’ an outside influence for creating the issue… then you are not looking at the patterns that created the problem in the first place

If you hold the energy towards another, then you are mis-identifying the real cause. The real cause is that you and your patterns created it. Unless you take charge of what exactly created your ‘problem,’ you can never solve it. Lies hold the energy in place.

In this lesson we will be focused on money, but you can apply these concepts in any area that is relevant to you.

Total awareness can change any situation.   See if you relate to any of the statements below:

1. Are you blaming someone or something for your debt?
2. Whom or what did your parent’s (or mate) blame for debt?
3. Who or what are you blaming for any lack of fun-ding?
4. What choices are you making to un-fun money, or to make sure you have no money?
5. What creations are you perpetually creating to make your life horrible with money, or hard work?
6. What time lapse are you creating to put money always in your future and past and never present?

What would it take to be responsible for my reality?
1. What would it take for me to move forward intentionally, have more, and create my reality my way?
2. What vibrational energy can I become to have unlimited resources and ease, and have all the dreams come to fruition?
3. What vibrational energy can bring me more FUN in my thoughts, feelings and experiences with money?

What vibrational energy can I become to align with taking total responsibility for creating a life of ease and joy.





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