The Giving Game – Day 46


“Always give back more than you have received.”
~ Panache Desai

When you give back more than you have received you break through the “Myths of Scarcity,” Lynn Twist talks about in her book, “The Soul of Money.” 1. There’s not enough. 2. More is better 3. It’s just the way things are.

In her Video talk about The Soul of Money (scroll down) Lynn says, “We have the privilege of facilitating the re-allocation of the world’s financial resources away from fear and toward that which we love.”

The idea is to recognize what inspires you, let go and give from your heart! Then wait and see what comes back!! Life is full of happy surprises!! Remember, this is an EXPERIENTIAL GAME!!


This video features Lynn Twist, author of The Soul of Money.  This talk will not only assist you in shifting your own personal perception of money, but it will give you some ideas about the ‘myths of scarcity’ vs. living in ‘sufficiency’ and the power of love and gifting others from the heart.






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