The Giving Game – Day 49


Tracking your thoughts

The thoughts passing through your mind are not a problem – it is your emotional response to those thoughts – fear, guilt, unworthiness, holding on, or sacrifice – which prevent you from having what you want.

Once you’ve heard today’s lesson, you’ll have a good idea of how to track your thoughts – or even easier, how to choose love over any fearful emotion.

So let’s have some fun!


Today, we’re going to Generate Your Future Self!

I am willing to recognize that I am an Infinite Being with Infinite options and I am willing to release past programs and ideologies through time, space and in all dimensions!

1. Be positive in your field of energy, holding “love or above” vibrations. Higher vibrations include joy, peacefulness (because you know it will happen), gratitude, and source energy magnified and embodied.
2. Be BIGGER than your future…always GENERATE it (rather than allowing your underlying emotional response to ‘run the show’!)
3. How can I be bolder than I am being?
4. What would it take for me to do what’s needed to move forward intentionally?
5. What would it take to BE the qualities of my future self ?

What would it take for me to be more abundant now?











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