The Giving Game – Day 51

abundant-goddessHealing power struggles

In power struggles, we typically make the biggest mistake in a relationship. We think the other person has been put on earth solely for the purpose of taking care of our needs. We cover this up during the romance stage, but it emerges in force in the power struggle stage, when we fight to have things done our way, which we believe is the ‘right way’. We give our partners ultimatums to do it my way or ‘take to the highway’. We fight for control. We fight to be the most independent one. A power struggle is a fight to get our partners to meet our needs.

Even when we succeed in controlling our partner to meet our needs they become less attractive to us. To succeed there must be a goal of both of you winning 100 per cent and using needs as a place for healing rather than fighting. Every fight, which is only ever to have our own needs met, is always a fear of the success and lack of control of the next step.


The next question will assist you whether you are focused on a relationship, health or finances.

How much TRUTH can you handle?

What truth am I unwilling to see, hear and know?
What elements of my intuition do I shut off ?
What times do I shut off Intuition?
What choices have I made to shut off my internal knowing?
What convictions do I have, to make myself not feel what I know?
What inner truths do I not allow?
What inner game am I using to shut my awareness down?
What inner truth am I avoiding to stay ‘normal’?
What games are my choices aligning with?

Am I allowed to know the truth?
Can I handle the truth?

What would it take for me to: see it all , hear it all, know it all and take significant action based on truth, not fear?
What would it take for me to be psychic beyond my beliefs and take guided action?

(In the discussion there is a reference to: “Feeling Fragmented” Day 6)








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