The Giving Game – Day 52

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People are afraid of committing to themselves and their dreams for fear of taking an emotional risk.   But in trying to keep ourselves safe, we often focus on sacrifice.  Unlike love, which is naturally giving and receiving – the sacrificer gives, but does not receive.

Sacrifice does not work – it is a form of compromise or adjustment to a situation that needs healing or resolving. It is a surreptitious form of ‘taking’ in the future by sacrifice now.

It is a way of taking care of others’ needs now so your needs can be taken care of in the future. It disregards healing and joining in love and thus it adjusts and continues the unsuccessful situation.

Giving without receiving leads to ‘burn-out’ and deadness. Receiving leads to giving at a whole new level.


All sacrifice is based on past and present grievances, against someone you felt did not do it right for you. Your sacrifice is an attempt to show how it should have been done.

List all the sacrifice situations you can remember from when you were a child right up to today so you can discover the hidden grievances.

1.  Is there any place in your life where you’ve been ‘giving without receiving’ and won’t change because you hold a ‘hidden grievance?’

2.  Do you need to develop different habits, new self talk, new ideas, new thoughts, a new way of being?

3.  What new actions go along with the newer version of you?

4.  Boldness Can ‘Mess’ with Your Life.  What are you afraid to do because it will mess up your life?

What would it take to be the future, happy version of you now?







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