The Giving Game – Day 54

317836_195041137232390_957404482_nYour attitude is your direction
Your attitude is the most fundamental aspect of your life because it defines your direction. Your attitude is made up of your decisions, all moving in the same general direction. It’s important to know what you want, where you want to go, to set goals, and make good decisions to support those goals (and you may have to be courageous and take a few risks).

Change is inevitable if you want to succeed, because —just think for a moment — if you go on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll go on getting more of what you’ve already got. Your attitude towards change is crucial to your success. If you are in pain, or feeling deadness, you may begin to recognize change as the greatest blessing on earth. Why don’t you just decide that change will be an exciting adventure?

Take a long look at your life. What do you need to change or learn? It’s time to change; to eliminate choices, prejudices or fears which may be holding you back.

• What emotional decisions are trapping me and creating lack of massive action?
• What choices create these traps?
• What age did I start this?
• What choices can I make differently?

1. You make a choice
2. Either, you like the choice or not, and that becomes your truth.
3. You justify your conclusion and make it more real.

change_your_mindThe problem is that the more ‘real’ it is based on your justifications, the more you are stuck with the belief that it is best not to take any action. So this is how you “unstick” your reality:

1. You make a choice.
2. Make no judgments about the choice.
3. Clear all decisions and judgments that have you stuck.
4. Then you have unlimited possibilities… this is your freedom path

• What am I waiting for?
• What am I procrastinating on?
• Why is this easier?
• When did I give up hope that something can be different in my life?
• What’s stopping me?

Energy statements to clear things

1. What would it take for me to have more choice than I could ever expect?
2. What would it take for me to do what’s needed to take action?
3. What would it take, universe, to deliver to me no excuses in making things happen to increase my financial abundance?






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