The Giving Game – Day 57

rainbow-wave-55118_462x306Manifesting your life

To manifest something you simply make what you want to happen. We do it all the time subconsciously. People who are good at manifesting what they want are those who know they have the power and use it consciously.

Manifesting is choosing to have something occur and it does. You could be choosing what you want to have happen at any time of day. The times the mind is most receptive are in the twilight sleep zones: just before you fall asleep and just before you get up.

That’s the time to tell yourself the kinds of feelings and experiences you want to have during the coming day or in the near future. If you find something occurs which you do not like, then choose your preference again.

Exercise: Clearing Fear of Numbers

Every choice has an energy attached.  Choose a number that fits who you wish to become as your financial expression. (TIP: If your number is really large, pick a number that seems doable then ask for both numbers to show up for you. The universe and your energy can deliver both choices.)

Add up the costs of all 6 areas below and define your number. For the lifestyle I wish to manifest I’ll need: $________

1. Material goods  2. Career  3. Spirituality  4. Self-expression  5. Relationships  6. “Pay Yourself First” fund.

I Am Capable
1. What am I not becoming, to pretend I can’t become it?
2. What vibrational mis-matches am I inviting into my life?
3. What energetic frequencies do I need to invite in to see that I Am Capable?
4. What can I release, right now, to make manifest my financial funding?
5. What family trauma/drama am I still living in that blocks my money?

1. What would it take for me to have more abundance than I could ever expect?
2. What would it take, universe, to deliver to me my Financial Expression Number.
3. what vibrational energy can I become to have unlimited resources and ease?
4. what vibrational energy can bring me (fill in the blank)








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