The Giving Game – Day 58

Goddess-Parvarti-DivineMotherA Note from Heather Noell, creator of The Giving Game.

Welcome to Day 58!

Before you read the rest of the page, take just a moment to write down:

1. What has changed in your life over the past 58 days.
2. What would your life be like if you had not been invited to play the game?
3. Meditate for a few minutes on what this experience has meant to you, and what it would mean for someone you know to be offered the same opportunity.

Though you are almost at the end of the eCourse – The Giving Game was created to go on and on because it is meant to be shared!

Notice that over the past two months you have created ‘time and space’ for playing The Giving Game.  Wouldn’t it be simple to just ‘keep going’ with friends of your own?

The sharing couldn’t be easier!   Simply ask a couple of friends to download the Feel Better Program; pick a day and time when everyone can be on the weekly conference call; then Sign them up on the same day to start receiving the eCourse, and tell them you’d like to practice your mentoring skills with them!

It really is that simple!  

But just in case you have any fears about mentoring – consider this:  Do you ever chat on the phone with a friend and share an insight that you feel might be helpful? Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it! Really!!  Once you ‘get your feet wet’ you’ll realize that giving and receiving are one!

Even if you have absolutely NO idea of what to say, think about this:  From your own experience have you noticed that any problem can be resolved by applying the OK Concept or The Golden Key?  So if someone is ‘stuck,’ can you simply ‘redirect’ them?

How do you feel about the person who recognized the ‘giver that you are,’ and invited you to play?  Are you glad you were invited?  That’s how your friends are going to feel about you, and their friends will feel that way about them.  The Giving Game will go on and on as long as there are Givers like you who are willing to share and make a difference in the world!


Please watch:  “Now is the Time” with Panache Desai.






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