The Giving Game – Day 60

givinggoddessCan you believe this is it – the very last day of The Giving Game?!

Waaaaah…. say it isn’t so!!

Congratulations you made it!!

“This is when the magic happens:  right when you feel like everything is going wrong, shift your attitude to accept that it’s actually going right.  Our judgments of how we think our life should be are preventing us from reaching our highest potential.  If you’re going through a storm, hold the belief that it’s the perfect storm for you to be going through and that you’ve been given everything you need to weather the storm.  When the chaos subsides you will experience the truth that is forever true; you are always taken care of, exactly where you need to be and your efforts are rewarded exactly when they need to be.  Remember this truth the next time a storm is on the horizon and you will grow wings and be able to fly right over it and towards the calm waters of trust and universal love.”
~ Jackson Kiddard

People are often inspired to share the Giving Game with their friends, but don’t care to be an official mentor (or maybe you just don’t want it to end!)
A Giving Game player set this up for her friends (listen to the call below).



•  Everyone has a buddy.

•  Every two weeks the buddies rotate.

•  Create a Secret Facebook page for the group.

•  One person is responsible for posting one day each week. (e.g. every Monday).

•  Weekly conference call

•  Every other week Heather Noël facilitated the call (the calls were also recorded and shared).


Here is a gift that will ‘keep on giving’ if you start doing it daily!!

The video (below) is simple and powerful. It’s called “The 5 Tibetan Rites.”  I first learned about this in 1990 at Jean Huston’s Mystery School. The basic story behind these exercises can be found online, but here is the essense of the story.

“The Five Tibetan Rites is a system of exercises reported to be more than 2,500 years old which were first publicized by Peter Kelder in a 1939 publication titled The Eye of Revelation. Kelder claims that while stationed in India, British army officer Colonel Bradford (a pseudonym) heard a story about a group of lamas who had apparently discovered a “Fountain of Youth”. The “wandering natives”, as he called them, told him of old men who inexplicably became healthy, strong, and full of “vigor and virility” after entering a particular lamasery. After retiring, Kelder’s Colonel Bradford went on to discover the lamasery and lived with the lamas, where they taught him five exercises, which they called “rites”. According to the booklet, the lamas describe seven spinning, “psychic vortexes” within the body: two of these are in the brain, one at the base of the throat, one on the right side of the body in the vicinity of the liver, one in the reproductive anatomy, and one in each knee. As we grow older, the spin rate of the vortexes diminishes, resulting in “ill-health”. However, the spin rate of these vortexes can be restored by performing the Five Rites daily, resulting in improved health.” (quoted from Wikipedia)

Try working with it each day, a little bit at a time until you can do the full series each day. (I was taught to start with 3-5 of each exercise for the first week, and then gradually add more until you can perform 21 of each rite every day.)  Google search: 5 Tibetan Rites for more detailed information on the exercises as well as a free PDF download of The Eye of Revelation. 

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