The Giving Game – Day 9


“Your sadness doesn’t make you less of a human being.  In fact, it makes you more.  More expansive.  More connected. Painfully beautiful.  Raw. Open. Completely alive.

“Allow life to touch you.  And when life touches you, meet it with softness.  Meet it with authenticity.  Allow your heart to merge with the hearts of people around you.  See yourself in the faces of your fellow human beings.  Just for today, live in the truth that there is nothing to defend.  Live in the truth that vulnerability is power.  Live in the truth that your sadness makes you human.”  ~ Discovering Your Soul Signature by Panache Desai


1.  Focus on something that causes you to feel sad.  Allow yourself to deeply feel and embrace your feelings.

2.  Whenever you feel your body harden against what you’re seeing – practice softening.  Breathe into the pain you’re feeling.  Relax your body.

3.  Now drop the ‘story’ and just focus on where you feel this energy in your body.

4.  Next, drop the ‘label’ of sadness.  Notice you are simply feeling energy.

5.  As you listen to the clearing meditation, imagine the energy of love flowing into this feeling – remind yourself,
“There is nothing to defend.”  “Vulnerability is power.”  “Sadness makes me human.”

6.  BREATHE into the energy, notice what begins to happen in your body as you imagine this loving, golden energy flowing with your breath.

Once you’ve answered these questions listen to the Clearing Meditation.



After listening to the Audio Lesson above listen to the clearing meditation below.




Your Gratitude Journal: Is there anything as empowering as the recognition of the goodness inherent within life? The universe is indeed friendly. Let’s accept the unfolding of good in our lives today. Be sure you see the good all around you – what are you thankful for today? Write down a few of those gratitudes.

Exercise:  Just for today become aware of your inner tenderness and allow yourself to feel the loving light that always shines within you.

THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING:  Remember #3 from yesterday?  Investing in others.  “Research shows that the more you give to others, the happier you are.  “People get more satisfaction spending money on others than they do on themselves.  And the benefits “extend to not only subjective well-being, but also objective health.”  In other words, giving makes you both happier and healthier.  1.  Start writing a list of ways you can give money to others.  e.g. pay toll for the driver behind you, or pay for a cup of coffee for a stranger – or a friend.    2. Reach out a little today. Speak a kind word to a stranger. What reactions have you been getting? What are you learning from all of this uplifting? 

“Let today be a day where you take nothing for granted. For life is fleeting, fragile and precious and can change on a whim. Say all the things you really want to say to your loved ones today, say the things you would regret should they pass on and your words remain unspoken. Rejoice, for you and they are alive today … and should you or them pass on to unknown shores, rejoice even more for you have a wonderful love story to tell.” ~ Jackson Kiddard






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