Destiny Cards Astrology

Did you know playing cards are actually symbols from an ancient, esoteric astrology that has been kept secret for thousands of years?

This powerful and mystical form of astrology may have originated even before the Egytians, possibly from the time of Atlantis.  It is believed these esoteric astrology symbols went ‘underground’ during the time of the Spanish Inquisition in the form of the playing cards.  Every birthday has a ‘birthcard’ and ‘planetary ruling card’ that represents different aspects of your personality type.
Heather used this ancient astrological system on live television to predict, with 100% accuracy, relationships between contestants on UK Reality Show, “Love Island.”  WATCH ITV VIDEOS HERE
When you study the meaning and significance of your Birth Card, you will have some invaluable knowledge about yourself. You will understand what your natural gifts really are, what sorts of work will bring the most satisfaction, how you interact with others in personal relationships, what are the biggest challenges you are facing this lifetime, and how you can get the most from your life by using the energies that come most easily and naturally to you.


destiny_smIf you want to go beyond ‘self understanding,’ a Destiny Report Astrology has an uncannily accurate record of your entire life. Each year of your life is divided up into seven, 52-day time periods. Each period will be governed by anywhere from two to eight cards which will accurately reflect what will happen to you during that time period. This system has been called the most accurate one ever discovered.  Each year you will find detailed information about your work, health, money, career, travel, relationships, moves, marriage, divorce, childbirth & just about anything you can imagine. These reports are approx. 32 pgs.   (Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you will receive a full refund.)
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relationship_smIntimate Relationship Reports
present a very detailed look at any two people’s relationship. Integrating the Birth, Karma and Planetary Ruling Cards, your report will describe at least seven of the most important connections between you. Names of the people involved in the relationship will appear in the text as if it is a book about the two of you. These reports make great presents and amaze those who read them with their accuracy.  Choose between ‘Intimate,’ ‘Friends and Family’ or ‘Business’ relationships.  These reports are approx. 24 pgs.  (Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you will receive a full refund.)
$24.95  PURCHASE