Giving Game Testimonials


darshan_mendoza“The Giving Game and The Feel Better Program freed up my spirit to live in uncompromising joy all of the time – not just sometimes, but ALL of the time!  This vibration continues to build upon itself and create such graceful and deep way to navigate life.  Since I started the program a few months ago, I have continued to follow my joy to the Big Island of Hawaii from Oahu.  As I co-create this eco-retreat wellness center ~ I shall allow the GPS system of my heart to keep aligning with joy.  This is a priceless gift to realize and a tool we can use to intentionally live our life purpose on this planet in joy and in harmony with the natural magical cycles of life.

“Mahalo Heather for birthing this game and bringing together all of the tools that have helped you live a life of your dreams.  Mahalo for sharing it so generously to us.  Mahalo team mates and buddies in the game for playing *your heart out*!

Love you!”

~ Darshan Mendoza,  Papa’aloa (Hamakua Coast) Big Island, Hawaii 

peter2“I have spent about 30 of my 56 years on the planet in weekly talk therapy. I must say that I have changed the quality of my life more during my 60 days playing the Giving Game than through all of that psychotherapy. I believe that these life-changing results occurred because the game gave me practical tools for me to apply to paying attention to my feelings, changing my thinking and thus changing my experience of living.”

~ Peter Kindfield, Ph.D.,  The Farm, Summertown, TN 



“After 10 years of working with Heather I have never come as far at unlocking the mysteries of myself and life as when she gave me the gift of being invited to join The Giving Game.   The first time I did the 60 daily lessons I was in my early 20’s.  The new updates and tools, apropos to this new era of awakening, has taken it to new, shall I say dimensions.   My vision boards used to be filled with objects of my desire, cars, true love, a nicer house.  That is so kinder-garden to me now.  Now it is a living altar with my deepest soul desires, reflecting my divine support group, a celebration of who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

“The Giving Game brought me many lessons – one of my favorites is the step-by-step transformation of my vision board…and my self!   With a focus on interdependence, doing it with a group of divine and powerful people sharing their experiences weekly, giving me feedback, supporting me and holding me accountable, my spiritual support has been infinitely expanded and my personal growth has been immeasurable – and on going!  I love you.”

~ Angela Sarich, San Diego, CA 

lori_fitzgeraldWhen Heather first invited me to join the Giving Game I was both intrigued and relieved because I knew if Heather was hosting I would be better for it. At a time when my world was being thrown many challenges financially, spiritually and physically, it felt as if an angel had come to lift me up into the light. Heather has been a huge influence on my life by showing me how to open up my mind and heart to believing that I had the power to not only heal myself but flourish with abundance. I am honored to have been a part of the first group and look forward to mentoring my dear friends.

Every lesson in the 60 day program was profound and instructive for my growth. I will always feel blessed that I have had the good fortune to know Heather she is remarkable as a teacher a mentor and friend. Certain people make a mark on our lives and influence our lives in profound ways. For me the greatest mentor I could have ever hoped for reached out her hand to me and showed me the way to happiness and inner peace. Thank you Heather for creating The Giving Game Foundation, I am grateful for all the blessings!

~ Lori Fitzgerald, Draper, Utah



“Oh. Where do I start. Heather’s intuition, and gentle reminders for me to trust my own, have been life changing.  Each time I address some discomfort in my life, she has encouraged me to look within, deeper…and each time, I have been empowered to shift my thinking and allow for growth and acceptance.  I believe that her ability to share insight and messages (that some may be reluctant to hear) is a true gift.  She makes it easy to move into a flow of abundance and love.  The Feel Better Program, clearing meditation and (embedded) Triad Wave, along with the daily journal challenges have paved a way for me to succeed in my personal and professional life with a clear intention and the ability to manifest my dreams.  I am living my best life and I owe Heather my deep gratitude for being a beacon of light and a leader that I always look to and can’t help but want to follow.  She is a gift to the world and I am honored to have had exposure to her wisdom and love.”

~ Nora Gibson, Boise, ID

xantheThe Game was a life altering 60 day adventure. To have so much clear and concise guidance from such a respected teacher was a once in a lifetime experience. Through the 60 days I felt held in the space of growth and enjoyed bonding with people from all over the country – all looking to remove blocks and bring more joy into their lives. I would recommend The Game to anyone ready to shift their lives and perspectives into more abundance! Thank you so much Heather!! I am forever changed.

~ Xanthe Alexis, Colorado Springs, Colorado

christi “I was fortunate to be connected with Heather Noёll in September of 2013. Her healing abilities are incredibly effective and expansive. Her creation of The Giving Game is a miraculous way to access Heather’s processes in a profoundly intimate way. Playing the Game blessed me daily over my two month involvement. It also introduced me to phenomenal new friends from all across the globe who joined me in growing through each wonderful lesson. Grateful is not a big enough word to describe how fabulous the experience of playing The Giving Game can be.”

~ Christi Koelker, Austin, TX  

gianna“Thanks to Heather Noёll I have come to understand the meaning to living life.  The Giving Game has been an amazing journey that’s added so much to me.  I have come to learn the steps in feeling more peaceful in all possible challenges of life.  As well as connected with such beautiful souls, which we continue to expand and share the many ways to living an abundant life.

“It is truly beyond words to express my love and gratitude in the many blessings I have experienced. It is a beautiful awakening filled with clarity and fantastic tools to use in all possible areas.  I wish it still continued.  Thank you Heather for being in my life. I look forward to the many adventures to come.”

~ Gianna Fuccio, Plainview, NY 

peggy“There are people we encounter in life that influence us and change us deeply and profoundly. Heather is one of those people. If you allow yourself to play with even one of the concepts she shares in The Giving Game, you will find yourself transforming. It may happen so subtlety that you may forget that you didn’t ‘always’ process your world in this way. Most of The Giving Game is presented in the form of PLAY, which is such a great way to approach life. Just play with it.

It’s often been said that someone who really knows their subject, can put it into terms that anyone can understand. That concept applies beautifully to Heather. She has the innate gift and ability to take very complex subjects and put them into terms that are accessible to anyone. Then there is the even more difficult challenge which is taking what we know and actually applying it. How many of us know there are things we could or should change about our lives? How easy is it to change life-long habits? Heather can take very complex information and create a system that allows anyone to apply it to their life and reap incredible benefits. Issues that may have plagued you for years can be transformed in moments. It’s similar to the concept used in martial arts of not resisting your opponent but instead shifting slightly. It’s incredible! It doesn’t take brute force or iron will, just a willingness to shift. The journey of a thousand miles starts with taking one step. If you take the step to play with some of The Giving Game concepts you will be having so much fun on the journey, you will not even realize you have traveled light years in your thinking and your approach to life.

When you want to transform your body, do you want to approach it with tedious regimens? Or would you rather do it while you are having great fun, enjoying foods and activities you love? Which approach do you think you could adopt and maintain for life? Why would you choose less for your mental, emotional and spiritual well being?

The Giving Game comes with my highest recommendation for transformative thinking and more importantly for play. Just play with the concepts and watch your life transform, joyfully!

~ Peggy Cartwright, Charlotte, IA

beccaIt was Heather’s excitement and enthusiasm around The Giving Game that caused me to sign up. Knowing her level of skill and integrity, I knew it would be nothing short of magnificent. I never anticipated the benefits I would reap from my 60 day participation.   First came the commitment to myself daily and the willingness to learn and grow. Next came the interdependence of working with my buddy and the other participants. Finally, came the sharing each week.   On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much to a veteran of healing work. However, the rewards were magnanimous! By day 30, not only was I internally changing for the positive, my friends were also noticing the difference. Heather said that new neuropathways were being developed, and they were! I now was living life with a smile on my face most of the time. I was healing from an old physical injury. I was more vested in my spiritual growth. And I began to have stronger focus and goals in all areas of my life.

By the time day 60 came, I felt like a new motivated and spiritual person. Even friends commented on the energy I was emitting. They commented on how I had said the words before, yet now I seemed to have the focus, energy and determination to make things happen.   As a healer and teacher, what I found even more amazing was that the simple daily exercises of The Giving Game helped heal old wounds I thought I had healed previously. In other words, the process went to a deeper level than I had previously gone and deeper than I ever expected. From someone who has a vast knowledge of healing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic areas of the body, that says a lot about the power to the Giving Game.

In two words, The Giving Game is “life transforming.”

I look forward to starting it again as a participant as well as mentoring my first group. Thank you, Heather, for following your intuition and guidance, and for creating this wonderful way to “give to the givers.” Blessings to you and all who participate.

~ Becca Tokarczyk, M. Ed., PT, IHT-PT, Sedona, Arizona

JEN2When Heather invited me to join the Giving Game, I was in a place where I really needed some additional insight about creating abundance in my life – not just about money, although I did feel a little defeated that when I worked with my clients clearing their money issues, I saw them experience amazing successes, and I was still left feeling insecure and worried about money. The Giving Game was exactly what I needed!

I began to see more clearly what was causing a disconnect between what I wanted, and what I was receiving. The disconnect was simply a lack of true inner peace, and a lack of taking meaningful time for me each day to achieve it. Taking time to really connect with God…not just go through the motions of “doing the right thing.” The Giving Game taught me tools and insights that helped me on a daily basis get more out of my prayer time, my scripture time and my quiet time.

Right before I started the Giving Game I almost bought a car that I intended on paying for with my own business money. I found a car that I loved, I had the money for the down payment, but when it came down to it, I was too fearful to go for it. By the end of the 60 days I spent participating in the Giving Game, I had doubled my down payment and STILL had money in my business account, found a better car with all the bells and whistles, and my fear was gone!

I felt more confident in my income coming in, I am having FUN enjoying my car, and guess what! In less than a month, almost the entire amount of money I spent on my down payment is back in my bank account! When I let go of fear, trust God, trust in the gifts He is waiting to give me, then I began to see miracles! I’m not just talking about money, either! It affects relationships, health, business success, opportunities to serve those who need you, the ability to let go of the past and feel peaceful in the present – it has the power to change your world. It has mine!

I love living in a peaceful, patient state of being – knowing it’s ALL OKAY and that it will ALL WORK OUT! Thank you Heather for the Gift of the Giving Game! I am SO EXCITED to start my own Giving Game group and support others on their path to INNER PEACE!!

~ Jen Poulson, Birmingham, Alabama

theresaI’m forty years old, so “before The Giving Game” is kind of a long story:  I’ve been on a spiritual path since I was about 9 years old when I started yearning to feel close to God. I didn’t fully understand what that meant, but I knew I wanted it; craved it. I only share my “story” with you so you can get the magnitude, on some level, of how transformed I truly feel now.

As a very small child I was sexually abused by at least three males in my life for at least six years straight. My mom died when I was 15 years old at which time my father became sexually inappropriate with me a couple of times that scared me stiff, literally. Life went on, I got married, but I divorced four years ago and became a single mother of our four children. I was also raped about three years ago. I was suicidal for almost the entire three years. He killed me, pieces of me that will never come back, not the same anyway. I knew even then that those parts of me that died were meant to die. I know now with more clarity why I had to die in order to be reborn entirely new. And, I think it’s clear to say I had some intense untruths running my subconscious mind, and consequently… my life.

I have also been tremendously blessed by Spirit with a number of miraculous healings and beautiful moments of feeling that closeness to God I craved so deeply. I learned over the years how easy miracles are for Spirit. I have felt my mom tangibly touch me and send me Light and Love, many times, even saving me from death on one occasion. I have been blessed with Visions, Visitations, Healings…

I found myself living in two worlds. One world was full of ugliness and pain indescribable. The other world was full of love and peace inexplicable. The Giving Game helped me choose, over and over, in which world I want to live. I choose Love. I choose Peace. I choose magic and miracles. I feel it in my entire body!

The Giving Game has supported me in obliterating the untruths of negativity buried in my subconscious mind as each lie popped up, while also helping me embrace the Truth of my Being every day, consistently, moment by blessed moment. Do not make the mistake of thinking I accomplished this under ideal circumstances now, according to the world view anyway 😉

A few weeks into The Giving Game, unforeseen to me, events made it obvious I would not be able to pay my rent. “If I can pay the bill pay it. If I cannot pay the bill, then this is none of my business.” I knew in my whole being that if I was meant to pay the bill, the money would show up. I didn’t stress about this and asked Spirit to show me the way. I followed every intuitive lead with no attachment, “This or something better” was my mantra given to me by Heather. Until one day I found myself enjoying my peaceful life (despite the fact that this single mom could not pay rent) while reading the book, “Earthing” when I had a picture pop into my mind of me laying face down on the beach! Total bliss filled my body as a smile spread across my face. I would go camping all summer or longer as I fulfilled my dream vacation of taking my children on CA Coast Highway 1 to play in the ocean and visit the Redwoods. We began packing, got rid of over 90% of our stuff, and moved out within a few weeks.

While in this packing and moving mode, I received a phone call from one of my children’s schools. I learned that my child was cutting. Without my knowledge, this had been going on for quite some time with another student. I never felt pain or panic of any kind. I was totally at peace. My entire body felt nothing but love for my child. I felt complete trust for my child’s life path. I was informed the school would provide a counselor for my child. I only remember feeling love and gratitude. I became even more grateful that I could not pay my rent and would be spending the summer with my child in nature. I remember thinking to myself, “Shouldn’t I be crying, worrying, feeling something negative?” But I couldn’t even force myself to feel anything but love, trust, and gratitude; I was at total peace with everything.

I began to talk with my child, but my child was emotional and expressed a desire NOT to talk about it. I said, ok. It’s all ok. I expressed my unconditional love. I was clear in sharing that my child had done nothing wrong and was not in trouble. I was clear in expressing my heart full of love for this child no matter what.

I had The Feel Better Program playing in the long car rides to and from school and my child said, “Wow, Mom, this stuff is really deep.” I smiled, agreed and asked if my child liked it. And what do you think the response was? With a smile, “Yeah :)” Later that week, from the back seat my child hollered up at me that my child went to see the counselor that day… it was cool. My child has stopped wearing hoodies in the hot Arizona weather. My child is free. And now I have wept in JOY and thanksgiving… overflowing with tears of pure love.

A lot can happen in 60 days. I went from hating my entire life’s story and fearing the horror movie I called my life would drag on forever, to having these spontaneous thoughts cross my mind like, “Life is good.” “I love my life.”

I went from knowing something conceptually in my mind, to feeling it my body, in my everyday experience without any effort from me beyond The Golden Key (another amazing yet simple part of The Giving Game). I am giving birth to my True Self under grace in a miraculous way. I am feeling love and gratitude in my body for my life’s experiences and the people who played out their roles. Not just knowing it in my mind, but feeling it in my heart and my body. I have cast off my burdens of death, pain, fear, resentment, bitterness, helplessness, and un-forgiveness to The Divine, and I go free. I am free. I am free to love, to have plenty, and live in peace.

I am now awake to my good. I am moving forward with ease and grace. I love my life.

I know God planted Heather and The Giving Game in my life exactly right on time. I give thanks like Niagra Falls continuously drops an abundance of life-giving water to the world below.. Thank you, Heather, for inviting me to play the game of life; The Giving Game.. and thank You, Infinite Spirit, for Being One In The Same.

Blessed Be & Super-Hugs!

~ Theresa Anne, Mesa, Arizona