Healing with Horses

100_5271crop13643_186191649036_463797_nI added “Healing with Horses” for all horse lovers!  (Scroll down for two mind and heart opening videos!)

These are pictures of me and my daughter, Amelia, with our horses (except for the little mini horse that just fell in love with Amelia on a visit!)  I started riding when I was nine, when I was given my first horse.  Since then I have loved anything that had to do with horses!  (That’s me on the right when I was in high school riding my horse, Cricket – no one knew he could jump until I started training him.)

Amelia started riding when she was three years old!  (Horses have always been a part of Amelia’s home school education!)  We always rode traditionally with western or English saddles.  Then when Amelia was 11 we began practicing ‘natural horsemanship’ methods – which was amazing, because it taught us the ‘language of horses.’  But we took our relationship with horses a quantum leap further after watching a documentary called, “The Path of the Horse,” (485072_10151162828069037_1784782038_nscroll down to watch the video).

When we saw how saddles affect a horse’s back (in 15 min. the tightness of the girth causes a horse’s back to go numb – like sitting on your foot when it falls asleep) we started riding bareback, and for much shorter periods of time.  Sometimes we just jump off and walk with our horses, letting them graze along the way!

But more than anything, we began relating to our horses very differently!   We don’t focus on ‘training’ them, we don’t go round and round in circles anymore, instead we just love spending time hanging out with them, being ‘present’ and allowing them to respond with no demands.

With open minds and hearts, we began to notice a different ‘connection’ with our horses – something absolutely magical about just being in their presence.  (The information below about a HeartMath 1044203_10151560255174037_1891949127_nInstitute study, adds credence to our experiences!)

“Recent studies conducted by the Institute of HeartMath provide a clue to explain the bidirectional “healing” that happens when we are near horses. According to researchers, the heart has a larger electromagnetic field and higher level of intelligence than the brain: A magnetometer can measure the heart’s energy field radiating up to 8 to 10 feet around the human body. While this is certainly significant it is perhaps more impressive that the electromagnetic field projected by the horse’s heart is five times larger than the human one (imagine a sphere-shaped field that completely surrounds you).

381028_10150446010659037_1585635082_n“The horse’s electromagnetic field is also stronger than ours and can actually directly influence our own heart rhythm! Horses are also likely to have what science has identified as a “coherent” heart rhythm (heart rate pattern) which explains why we may “feel better” when we are around them. . . .studies have found that a coherent heart pattern or HRV is a robust measure of well-being 299491_10150284996179037_1239229445_nand consistent with emotional states of calm and joy–that is, we exhibit such patterns when we feel positive emotions.

“A coherent heart pattern is indicative of a system that can recover and adjust to stressful situations very efficiently. Often times, we only need to be in a horses presence to feel a sense of wellness and peace. In fact, research shows that people experience many physiological benefits while interacting with horses, including lowered blood pressure and heart rate, increased levels of beta-endorphins (neurotransmitters that serve as pain surppressors), decreased stress levels, reduced feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, improved social functioning; and increased feelings of empowerment, trust, patience and self-efficacy.”

1385332_10151752930059037_1324041496_nAs you can see from the picture on the right, your horse will happily ‘join up’ with you, and consider you to be part of their herd!  And the picture on the left gives you an idea that there are countless ways you can ‘hang out’ with your horses!

1240461_10151707752269037_579219658_nOne of the ‘side benefits’ of Amelia growing up with horses is the level of confidence she has – it must be something about knowing how to be loving while firmly and clearly communicating, ‘no’ whenever necessary!  (I guess, if you can effectively say ‘no’ to a 1,000 horse – it’s bound to make you confident with people too!)

Below you can watch “Path of the Horse,” and also a video I created based on an experience a friend of ours had with our horses.  It was from that experience that I began to see horses as “land dolphins!”  I hope you will enjoy the ideas presented in the videos below!  Heather Noёll






What if you could have a ‘Dolphin Experience” but with horses?
“Healing with Horses” (created by Heather Noell) opens the door to understanding
a new way of experiencing horses and honoring their place on this planet.

As mentioned in the video above, here is “The Path of the Horse.”