iPhone Programming and iTunes Playlist

A friend of mine sent this to me for anyone with an iPhone or usuing iTunes:

To PROGRAM the Weekly Giving Game conference call number in your iPhone:

Go to contacts, hit the plus sign, type in the Giving Game, add the 10 digit number, right after go to box on lower left next to zero, this brings up a new keyboard and you can hit the pause button, then type in conference code number, back to the box next to the zero, this time hit the pound sign and move curser anywhere to save.

Then go to where it says home, mobile, tap until label page comes up, scroll down to add custom label, type in giving game conference line.
Repeat to add the recorded line, you can also add pound sign as reference number.  (I tried that and it works, label this one recordings.)

Super easy to have your phone alert you to call in or stop and listen to toning, etc…
Just open calendar, hit plus sign in top left corner, add event, set time, set date, repeat, set weekly for calls, daily for assignments if you like, scroll down to alert, set one or two alerts as you wish, hit done in top left and your done.

Also setting up itunes playlist with the toning meditation or opening is easy, and you can put it on repeat or shuffle as you like, i repeat mine as i am going to sleep or driving, etc…

Go to iTunes, hit the plus sign for new playlist, label it Giving Game, go to artists, find Heather, click the items you want to add to your GG playlist and repeat until you have all items you choose in your playlist. Of course you need to download them first and sync to iPhone.