ITV Videos

Video Clips of Heather explaining astrological connections (based on Relationship Reports) for contestants on ITV’s Love Island. (Heather is the first astrologist ever to appear on a reality show.)

What was the outcome of Heather’s Love Card prediction about Shane?  Two years later, in an article about Shane becoming a father at 32 he said, “I’ve wanted to be a dad since I was 20.  It was all I ever wanted, and now it’s happening I couldn’t be happier.”

Heather met Leo Ihenacho after he was ‘evicted’ from Love Island and they discussed the astrological predictions Heather made during the show.   Leo confirmed that he felt a strong connection with Alicia Douvall (they both had the same birth card, making them like “peas in a pod”) exactly as Heather described on this segment.