Opening Meditation




(I originally created this meditation for myself, but after sharing it with a few close friends I realized that others could benefit from it as well.) I was raised in metaphysics, and though I left organized religion in my late twenties, I grew up learning how to heal myself by changing my thoughts. Because of my upbringing I have always been fascinated by powerful metaphysical healers such as Joel Goldsmith (author, “The Infinite Way”) and Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science, author of “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” – a book so popular in the 1800’s it was second only to The Bible in worldwide popularity.)

I grew up without medicine or vaccinations, I never went to a doctor, and though I was quite healthy, I always wanted to know how to heal the physical body instantaneously. Eventually I came across a book that was a collection of stories from people who worked and lived in Mary Baker Eddy’s home as part of a year-long program called, The Course in Divinity. Mrs. Eddy often told her students what she was thinking when a healing took place.

As I looked at Mrs. Eddy’s statements in regard to healing, I realized they were always statements of ‘absolute truth.’ These statements were not difficult to understand, so it occurred to me that the difference (as to whether these thoughts brought about healing or not) is not what one is thinking as much as it is the ability to fully and completely assimilate the ideas – until it is the way you naturally think and feel with no effort at all. It also occurred to me that we now have technology – the ability to listen to audio-affirmations (and in the case of the “Opening Meditation” with the addition of The Triad Wave) so it is possible to more easily ‘absorb’ these healing statements. So I copied ‘healing statements’ from Joel Goldsmith and Mary Baker Eddy and made them into a meditation that I listen to as I fall asleep.



As I told this story to my friends, they expressed interest in reading some of the recorded Accounts of Healings Attributed to Mary Baker Eddy