Heather Noël, author and narrator of The Feel Better Program, has worked with thousands of clients over the past 20 years and is an expert in detecting buried emotional and energetic blocks. Endorsed by DEEPAK CHOPRA, M.D., Leonard Laskow, M.D., and Bruno Cortis, M.D., Heather has appeared live on UK television 5 times, and also on live, Call-In Radio (100+ shows) providing listeners with insight and practical tools for moving out of problems and into solutions.



1-Hour  – $125  

Sessions include FREE Annual Destiny Report  ($24.95 value).  Plus The Feel Better Program ALL DOWNLOADS ($19.95 value)



The  video below shows Heather on UK reality show “Love Island” talking about this unique form of astrology in relationship to the contestants on the show.

What was the outcome of Heather’s Love Card prediction about Shane?  Two years later, in “Celebrity Baby News (UK version 2008) Shane said, “I’ve wanted to be a dad since I was 20.”

Heather met Leo Ihenacho after he was ‘evicted’ from Love Island and they discussed the astrological predictions Heather made during the show.   Leo confirmed that he felt a strong connection with Alicia Douvall (they both had the same birth card, making them like “peas in a pod”) exactly as Heather described on this segment.


mary_rosselliHeather, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for offering your phone sessions!  I am Blown away, Amazed how our phone call Sessions are always absolutely perfect. Perfect in my timely connection with you, perfect in the simply wondrous tools you share with me, Perfect in how you are always able to help me return to Trusting ‘All is for my good’….trusting, God, the Universe, and myself. Perfect for the ‘Wow, my life is a Fun, Joyful journey’ realization that I always return to during our sessions. You share from your heart and from your own knowing so many tools that are tremendously helpful.  Every time I let go of the details of an emotional event troubling me and focus on my feelings with that awesome tool you shared, it is so Liberating! Trappings of negative thoughts about myself and others, are cleared away and I can return to LOVE, Loving myself! My sister and niece are also amazed as they incorporate your wisdom in their lives too!

Heather, you are truly a magnificent Healer whose embodiment of Love, Wisdom, Joy and Intuition makes consulting with you a sacred and delightful experience.

With Deep Love and Appreciation,

Mary P. Finnegan-Rosselli,   Worcester,Massachusetts

lisa_labon1I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and am grateful that our paths crossed. Your loving intentions stretch across time and space. I love that when I get overwhelmed by the energy and activity of city life I can always visit your site or listen to your voice on the CDs and immediately I am back, grounded in my spiritual center – re-membering with the incredible all that is.

The “How to Feel Better…” cd encapsulates beautifully so much of what I believe and feel throughout my entire being. The toning is new but the concept is not. I feel such incredible resonance and harmony – physically, mentally and spiritually – when I tone. You are a gift to us all and I just wanted to thank you and make sure you know that. I will do all I can to share the message through my own life, interactions and intentions with others. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Lisa Labon ~  Park City, Utah 

geniI want to thank you from my heart for your loving words and your beautiful kindness shown to me during the intuitive counseling session the night before last. Your words are crystal clear and I am still hearing them. They went straight to my centre. It is clear that you were sensing me and during our talk I was able to unravel the knots so much so that after our 90 minute talk, when I went upstairs to my partner, he said “gosh, what happened – you look so shiny and beautiful”. What happened is that you took a thorn from my side, you unblocked the path, cleared the way, shone truth and light in that dark area that was shadowing my heart. I know what to do now. I know that I can stop the struggle. You taught me to Have Faith. And, two days later the feeling is still there like a truth revealed forever. I am eternally grateful.

Geni Lawrence ~ Toulouse, France 

michele1Using both psychological and spiritual principals, Heather is more than your typical intuitive reader. Heather is truly gifted in uncovering those deep, underlying issues, which block us from our true potential. A source of inspiration, an encouraging spirit, a genuine example of walking her talk, Heather has truly redefined the gift of a reading. She stands extremely unique as an Intuitive Counselor. Heather helped me break through to those deep, hard-to-reach issues that were keeping me tied to an old and stifling perception. I highly recommend Heather as an Intuitive Counselor. She is a joy to work with and is especially excellent with relationships!

Michele Elizabeth ~  San Francisco, CA 

jennifer_poulsonI knew almost immediately that meeting Heather was no coincidence in my life. As I have worked with her over the past couple years, she has been a light and inspiration to me. She has a true gift in understanding what gets in the way of a person’s ability to progress emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. She is wonderful at making the truth about yourself be known – in a very loving, non-threatening way. She has given me a new perspective of hope. She has influenced my ability to access peace in my life to know that my life can be better, that my prayers can be answered, that I can fulfill my divine purpose in life. I encourage everyone to listen to “How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse… “. It is life changing. Working with Heather has been one of the sweetest gifts from heaven that I have recieved.

Jen Poulson ~ Birmingham, AL 

jane_bell_meyerLight, love, acceptance, example, this is how Heather lives her life. I have received the gift of knowing her for 13-years. Heather’s intuitive talents have influenced and lifted me countless times. She opens doors to what I “already know.”

The insights given to me are familiar because they are mine: Heather has the incredible ability to shine the light on them. She lives in peace and teaches how to achieve this beautiful space. I call…she lifts – heaven!

Jane Bell Meyer ~ St. George, Utah 

ceciliaDear Heather, I am writing you to thank you for the wonderful session. Even though I had already heard wonderful things about your counseling it surpassed all my imagination. Your wisdom, your joy, your caring, your generosity, your compassion touched me deeply. I have found a model of a positive feminine energy in you. Thank you for bringing so much love and light into this world.

I heard your CD today (twice!) and I loved it immensely. Your voice is so beautiful and touching. Even if I didn’t like what you said in it, which of course, is not the case, I would listen it just to hear your voice. I am already practicing the willingness to feel peace.

How grateful I am that I had the opportunity to meet someone as beautiful as you.

Cecilia Sakai ~ Tokyo, Japan