Suggestions for Mentors with Players


1.  Become thoroughly familiar with TheGivingGameFoundation website – especially in regard to being a Mentor!


2.  BEFORE you INVITE anyone – be sure they are familiar with the INTRODUCTION and the Audio Tutorial found on PLAY THE GAME




4.  SET UP Your FREE CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER:  Practice calling in, recording and downloading.  Practice with your Buddy and/or others in your group!

1.  THE BUDDY SYSTEM:  Once you have your players together (no more than 8 in one group) assign each player a BUDDY (if you have an odd number, you can create a group of 3 Buddies).  Try to connect people who don’t know each other – it’s more of an adventure!  Be sure the Buddies CONNECT (on the phone) BEFORE the 1st Conference Call – Ask them to INTRODUCE each other!  (This motivates everyone to pick up the phone and say hello!!)

2.  BUDDIES:  Connect with each other once a week (phone call, message, it’s up to them) and are responsible for making sure their Buddy is on the weekly conference call (as punctually as possible!)

3.   WEEKLY MENTORING:  You will need to connect with each individual in your group every week.  Ask each individual to be personally responsible for connecting with you and for checking their messages daily!   You can set up specific times, or if you are more flexible, suggest time ‘openings’ where they can call you if they choose.  (If you are on another call, you can offer to call back.)  This weekly connection is VERY important!  Sometimes a ‘player’ won’t think they need any support, and then discover thoughts and feelings that surface while  you’re talking.  So it’s important that you stay in touch!  (If someone is going through a very challenging time, you can even offer to talk daily – IF they are receptive and willing to experience change!  For some people that can mean the world!)

Week 0:  Before you sign everyone up for the eCourse, be sure you walk them through the program while you are BOTH on your COMPUTERS.
Go to PLAY THE GAME page.  Have them open each link so they can find everything!  

558344_600909049963434_1949864779_nWeek 1:  Be sure you chat with each one of your players during the first week.  They may need some technical support or they may need some support in understanding how to apply The Feel Better Program to their own experiences.  Though some mentors may have a background in the area of counseling or coaching (The Giving Game is a terrific way to share your abilities!) you’ll come to realize that all you need to do is ‘redirect’ individuals back to some part of the program. (There is nothing that can’t be solved when you apply the “OK concept” or the “7 Day Mental Diet.”  Also, The Golden Key is a favorite – it’s simple and profound! In other words, APPLICATION is the key!  If you can ‘redirect’ you can mentor!)

Conference call #1.  Buddies introduce each other and share a bit about themselves – why they are playing the game and what they hope to achieve over the next 8 weeks.  Tell everyone that the weekly calls will be focused on ‘gratitudes and breakthroughs.’  If your players are experiencing any problems – they are welcome to chat with you privately during the week.  Let them know that they can message you if they have an urgent question.  They can also ask their Buddy for help!

[Note:  Coning-Meditation:  With the very first Giving Game group, I introduced everyone to something called a ‘coning-meditation’ which we did as a group at the end of the call.  I gave those who weren’t interested the opportunity to jump off the call, but very quickly everyone not only wanted to stay on for the coning, they looked forward to the group energy each week.  Learn more about ‘coning’ (take notes if you want to lead a coning on your call) Co-Creating with Nature.]

Week 2:  Now that your players have discovered the fun of having a BUDDY… ask them to make plans to get in touch with everyone else in the group.  Suggest that they speak on the phone at least 1 time with everyone in the group.  Continue with your weekly mentoring calls, however, do keep in mind that these talks will vary in length depending on what is going on for the individual.  Some people will be doing the program, having fun, and won’t need to talk – and that’s perfectly OK.  Just be sure you connect.

Week 3:  You may discover that some individuals need very little assistance, while others may have challenges coming up unexpectedly.  The nature of this program is to ‘stir up’ that which no longer serves us.  Think of it like this:  The best way to clean out a muddy river bed would be to stir up the mud first, and then allow the water to carry out the debris.  So The Feel Better Program and the eCourse ‘stir up’ lifelong patterns that no longer serve us.  So no matter what is happening, remind your players to keep applying the concepts, and work with the toning and 1506956_685583951473673_367206948_nmeditations.  (There is a terrific book called, “When Things Fall Apart,” by Pema Chodron, which is about moving into stillness and meditation – “sitting” with what is happening, rather than trying to fix it or change it.)

Conference Call 3:  Along with the usual sharing aspects of the call, ask each individual to share who they connected with that week (other than their Buddy) and a little bit about their experience.   It’s a good idea to have your players choose someone they’d like to connect with in the next week during the call.  (Just take notes so you know who is already planning to talk and who hasn’t made a plan yet.)  Having a clear idea of who they will be talking to during the week makes it MUCH easier for everyone to connect.

Week 4:   You should be in the swing of things now!  Each call will have a ‘life of its own’!

Conference Call #8  This is your LAST official conference call for this group!  RECORD THIS CALL!  EVERYONE shares:
1.  “What has changed your life over the past 60 days?”  2.  “What are you the most grateful for?”