TDC Problems and Solutions

971666_622476307776601_1068665793_nThese problems and solutions are based on concepts from “The Diamond Cutter” by Geshe Michael Roach. I’ve created an abbrebreviated version that can be applied to any area of life (some of the solutions refer to Giving Game lessons).   

[Note: For those who actually read The Diamond Cutter book, I’ve had several people ask me about certain concepts (especially in regard to mental imprints) that do not go hand in hand with The Giving Game. Here is my suggestion: No matter what you read or hear (including what you learn here on this site!) practice following whatever FEELS the best to you and ignore the rest! You intuitively know what is best for your own growth. Concepts that people understood (or were capable of understanding) thousands of years ago, not to mention the interprettations that have been passed down over time, may not be something you relate to. Humanity has been evolving! YOU are evolving! So, here’s what I do: I pay attention to whatever works for me – and I disregard the rest! If that makes sense to you, try it out!] Heather Noël

Problem #1: Unstable Finances – Solution: Be willing to share your money with others. (Try setting aside 10% of your income. Decide you will only spend it to help others.)

Problem #2: Unreliable friends, relationships, co-workers. Solution:. Be genuinely happy for other’s successes – in relationships, business, finances etc. Practice BEING 100% reliable. (e.g. Be absolutely punctual.)

Problem #3: Unstable relationships – home, business, school etc. Solution: Listen carefully to others. Treat everyone as you yourself would like to be treated.

Problem #4: You find yourself unable to enjoy the money and things you’ve worked so hard for. Solution: Never begrudge others the results of their own efforts; stop comparing yourself to others, just enjoy what you have: Be your own person and appreciate what you have yourself.

Problem #5: No matter how well you’re doing or how much you’ve accomplished you feel that your efforts are not enough; you feel driven by a sense of dissatisfaction. Solution: Same as the very last one.

Problem #6: Your family, friends or co-workers always seem to be fighting with one another. Solution: Completely avoid gossip of any kind, whether the information is true or not.

Problem #7: You tend to have arguments and problems in your own relationships. Solution: Exactly the same as with the previous problem.

Problem #8: You are indecisive and second-guess yourself. Solution: Are you ever inauthentic or do you misrepresenting yourself in some way? Maintain a high degree of authenticity and integrity. Practice being straight-forward and truthful.

Problem #9: You need a large amount of money for a car, a home, college funds, or to start a business, but you’re unable to raise the money or get a loan. Solution: Give financially to others and keep giving! Listen to the lesson called, “As you give so shall you receive.” This is not just about money, it is about a generous, giving state of mind. (Suggestion: Set aside 10% of your income to give away! The more joy you feel in the giving the more powerful the outcome!)

Problem #10: External problem outside of your control. Bad weather, cancelled flights, power outages etc. Solution: Keep your promises and commitments. And don’t forget to consistently apply the OK Concept – not just in unexpected circumstances, but all the time.

Problem #11: Lack of focus or concentration – at work, home, school or in developing your own creative ideas. Solution: If you were going to die tonight, what would your priorities be, what would be truly important to you?

Problem #12: Loneliness. You want friends or a romantic partner. Solution: Seek out those who are lonely and befriend them. There are plenty of elderly people who would love companionship, and children too. This should be a regular commitment – at least once a week.

Problem #13: Rents are too high for your home or business. Solution: Reach out and help others find places to stay when they need them. [Note: My favorite way of doing this has been through I have hosted and been hosted by the most amazing people, most of them are still friends, and some have become close friends. I never, ever have any problems finding free places to stay or affordable places to live. And it is such a joy to meet new people!]

Problem #14: There are people you like or respect but they don’t seem interested in connecting with you either as friends or in business. Solution: This is connected with your own integrity and/or the integrity of those you associate with. Be honest. Act with integrity.

Problem #15: Others always seem to have the upper hand. (This could be in your relationships or business, or for a teen it could be with friends, a parent or teacher.)  Solution: Do you speak harshly to others or do you act pleasant, but have angry, judgmental ‘conversations’ in your mind? Plant new seeds by practicing the OK concept, Hooponopono, or The Golden Key.

Problem #16: Friends, family or co-workers stab you in the back. Solution: This comes from feeling a sense of smugness over other people’s problems – whether you know them personally or not. Instead try to feel empathy for anyone who is having a problem.

Problem #17: You work hard at a project, putting in long hours and your own money. Everything is ready down to the last detail and it fails. Solution: The key to success is not hard work, time and money – it is your state of mind. Practice the principles you are learning in the Giving Game. Listen to ‘As you give, so shall you receive.’

Problem #18: No one helps out around the house and/or at work? Solution: Do everything you can to help others, and be sure you never take any pleasure in other people’s problems.

Problem #19: You find yourself unable to control your temper; you get angry at the slightest provocation. Solution: This type of anger is the result of wishing problems on others—or feeling that those we dislike deserve the problems they’re experiencing. Start by neutralizing your thinking by applying the OK Concept. Once you feel comfortable with that try sending a blessing to that person – remember, you keep the ‘original’ and send out the carbon copy!

Problem #20: Your life is chaotic. Solution: Once again this is connected to chaotic intentions and wishing failure on others on those you dislike or judge to be unworthy. Work with the same ideas as the solution above.

Problem #21: Stealing is an issue in your personal or business life. Solution: Let go of jealousy. Complement others. Be happy for someone else’s happiness or success.

Problem #22: Gradual health issues are becoming more serious. Solution: Look into the wellbeing of those around you – especially if you are in business and manage others. What can you do to care for them?

Problem #23: Past financial strategies don’t succeed anymore. Solution: Practice being authentic and completely ethical.

Problem #24: Feelings of depression or self-doubt. Solution: Practice integrity in everything you do. Be honest with yourself and others.

Problem #25: Others don’t believe what you have to say, even though you’re telling the truth. Solution: This imprint begins in the past with not telling white lies, or not telling the complete truth. The solution is to be extremely accurate in everything you say. Gradually people will begin to trust you.

Problem #26: Whenever you try to work with others (family, work, school etc) — it doesn’t seem to work out. Solution: This isn’t about getting others to work together, it’s about you being totally honest with yourself first, and only then communicating from this place of clarity with others. Listen to the OK concept and also the Relationship track.

Problem #27: You work in an industry where people try to cheat each other. Solution: Always be completely straightforward in your own business dealings, and be honest with yourself.

Problem #28: Others speak to you in an insulting way. Solution: Pay close attention to your own anger, especially the anger suppress every time you are insulted. Listen the track on Relationships and the OK Concept, Hooponopono, The Golden Key. The lesson on Anger.

Problem #29: Your personal appearance. Solution: Avoid anger. To do this recognize what causes you to feel upset prior to becoming angry. Follow the solution above. And ask yourself, “Would you prefer to be right or happy?”

Problem #30: You are constantly being criticized. Solution: Become sensitive to others – pay particular attention to how your actions and words affect those around you. Try consciously sending blessings to those around you – your thoughts are far more powerful than your actions or words.

Problem #31: You have difficulty getting others to help you. They may even agree to help, but don’t. Solution: Help others get their projects done.

Problem #32: New relationships (or Projects at home, school or at work) start off smoothly, but then fall apart. Solution: Practice gratitude for everyone and everything in your life. Consistently imagine your relationship (or project) being successful, and to remove fear say to yourself, ‘This or something better.’ Write in your gratitude journal: “The chances of my success are 100%” (Then don’t worry about what it will look like or how it will happen!)

Problem #33: Whenever you have been the victim of someone else’s wrong doing you never receive help or protection. Solution: Listen to ‘As you give, so shall you receive.’

Problem #34: People around you are unreliable. Solution: Be extremely reliable and dependable in every area of your life.

Problem #35: You have no financial independence. You can’t be your own person—you can’t make decisions about money without consulting others. Solution: Respect the property and space of others. When others are in need be willing to help them. Share your resources happily. If you don’t have financial resources share what you do have – happily!!

Problem #36: Others tend to mislead you. Solution: Say to yourself, “I am willing to release the feeling that I am a victim or that I need the recognition or approval of others.” Notice and appreciate all that others do for you. Give others recognition and show your appreciation.

Problem #37: You aren’t respected. Your suggestions are ignored. No one listens when you ask them to do something. Solution: Pay attention to what you say. Avoid gossip or talking about anything meaningless or useless. Be sure that anything you say benefits those listening to you. Gain insights by spending time alone and in silence.

Problem #38: At one time you were confident and sure of yourself, now you feel the opposite. Solution: Same solution as the one above. Also, don’t talk about plans that are not relevant or dreams unless you know how to bring them into reality.

Problem #39: You have trouble relaxing, resting or taking a vacation. Solution: No useless or meaningless conversations with others, written or verbal, or in your own mind.

Problem #40: Timing is an issue. This could be anything from the stock market dropping before you pull your money out or the price suddenly going up on something you want. It could even be a creative project which you never have time to start and/or complete. Solution: Don’t uselessly talk about any project/idea unless you fully intend to complete it. Always follow through and do what you say you’re going to do.

Problem #41: You feel insecure. Solution: Be very, very dependable.

Problem #42: You or those around you fight and argue a lot. Solution: Do not say or think anything malicious or participate in gossip. Instead apply the OK concept, The Golden Key etc.

Problem #43: You find yourself in an environment where the general belief is that “Nice guys finish last.” Solution: Don’t worry about what others do or believe. Practice integrity and honesty.