Video Library

The following videos are included in various lessons from the 60 Day eCourse.  They are listed here for your convenience.  (If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this page, check: Links to All 60 Days of the eCourse.)

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

EFT to Create Abundance

The Theory of Awesomeness

Fairness – Matt Kahn

Love Revolution – Matt Kahn

Freedom from Adversity – Matt Kahn

Why Aren’t We Awesomer? – Michael Neill

How Do You Explain Suffering?  Teal Scott

The Golden Key by Emmet Fox

Byron Katie “The Work”

“Grounding” – Teal Scott


“Earthing:  What is it, How to Do It”

“Grounded” Documentary  (If this video is unavailble Click Here)

“Simple Steps for Realizing Your Dreams”


The Soul of Money – Lynn Twist


Mentioned in the video above:
“The Path of the Horse”

Equinisity Retreats in Canada